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As a NATA Coaching Institute, we have seen a lot of students come and go with great aspirations to become an architect. Assuming listing a few reasons why Architecture is a good career would help a lot of them who are going through career scares in their career decision period. Apart from these 12 reasons, there can be more reasons why Architecture is a good career choice. We would also like to believe everyone has their own reason for choosing architecture as their career.

1. Become your own Boss

You can be your own boss while being the service provider as a freelancer or build your own empire to take up contracts for architecture services.

2. Building Creative Niche

Being creative takes a lot of alone space and energy. For you to recharge your energy, you will need creative people who understand your profession and the difficulties it comes with. You will find creative people around to help you grow through that space and add fuel to your passion that is a profession now.

3. More passion involved and less monotony

Taking this profession only makes it more interesting and passion-driven. People who become architects out of interest seem to grow well in this career compared to the one you see it as a high-income career. With more projects falling in your lap, it starts looking like a lifestyle and less like a job.

4. Artistic freedom of personal expression

As an architect, you will be given certain projects parameters that help you guide the direction of your architectural projects. You are then allowed to use the project parameters as you want and build your architectural design with your artistic skills with a tinge of your personal style.

5. Many career specializations

Unlike other professions, you will graduate with an architecture degree which gives you the freedom to build creative things you and I live in. You can move from working with big to small firms, changing from designer, project architect, or management. You get to work from building types from different market sectors like residential, civil, hospitality, retail, etc and you will still be an architect the city wants.

6. Your hard work takes shape

Once you graduate with an architecture degree, your work as architecture takes a physical shape that bestows appreciation, improves livelihood and income. Not all the careers help you showcase their hard work like architecture career does.

7. Your results are tangible

As silly as it may sound, your work will show as blocks of beauty which is tangible. Anyone who has ever seen the building they had worked for almost has a euphoric experience with a tinge of happiness involved.

8. A sense of ownership

No matter who many projects you take up, giving your best into the things you build helps you land on the safe ground, leaving you satisfied and making you feel like you own every bit of it.

9. Great Income Potential

Needless to say, as an architect, you can earn a Six-Figure Income depending on the amazing skills you possess. However, during the start of the profession the salaries for young architects may be low for equivalent, with time there is a steady increase in the payment. What matters all along is to stay put in the shoes while you are still a young architect.

10. Job is Evolving

Architects are not considered artists but also a source to address building technology and programming. There are constant improvements in evolving construction methods and materials used for construction process as and when required by the profession and project requirements. This job also involves creating new design concepts that blend in for modern living.

11. The career will be blooming and forever

Architecture is the career of longevity. You can practice the profession for as long as you want. As the world in the race to constantly develop, there can be more intake of architects and an increase in design-oriented job roles. Once you start as an architect, you can wide range of career choices and bloom forever in building imprints for the future spaces.

12. The satisfaction of impacting people’s lives in a positive way

For an Architect, it is a rewarding career to develop personal relationships with the client, people who will choose to live in the blocks you build. By understanding that it is a fruitful business in the end, for both, the client and you, the end product is appreciated.

It has got all the perks

Unlike another career in the economy, architecture is one of the best career choices which has all the perks when it comes to creativity, artistic life, profession, job opportunities, income, entrepreneurship.

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