Can I crack NIFT and NID Without Coaching?

MAD School has been on a journey for more than 10 years to help students prepare for design entrance exams. We have been helping students with clearing exams like NIFT, NID, NATA, BFA, and more. There are multiple students who approach us and ask the question “Do I really need coaching for NIFT and NID?”. This is a question that many students have and they want someone to guide them.

So, here is the answer to the most commonly asked question, Can I crack NIFT and NID without coaching? It's a valid concern that many aspiring NIFT and NID students might have, especially when considering the investment required for coaching classes.

So, coaching certainly is important when it comes to cracking NIFT and NID exams! It is not impossible to get into NIFT and NID without coaching. However, it requires a lot of concentration, observation, motivation, and discipline. It is important to get a hang of what all is to show up and what to expect from this exam.

About NID and NIFT

NIFT and NID entrance exams are known for their rigorous selection process. They are considered one of the most prestigious design entrance exams in India. The syllabus for the NID and NIFT entrance exams includes a wide range of topics, such as sketching, drawing, visualization, creative thinking, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, general knowledge, and English language skills. It demands a combination of skill, creativity, and a thorough understanding of design principles.

Almost everything is the same in NIFT and NID exams. So, what's the difference between these two institutes? Let’s take a look at it.

  1. NIFT, as an institute, focuses majorly on fashion-related courses and programs. NID, on the other hand, covers wider areas of design study such as industrial design, exhibition design, animation film design, etc.
  2. NIFT offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various specializations, whereas NID offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in many design disciplines.
  3. NIFT has 18 campuses across India, NID has only 8 campuses.

The major difference between NIFT and NID is that NIFT only focuses on fashion design and management. NID, on the other hand, focuses on technology and wider areas of design apart from fashion. At this point, it is the individual’s call on which area they want to pursue their career in.

Focus Areas When Preparing for NIFT and NID

NIFT and NID Syllabus

In the NID exam, sketching and drawing carry the most weight. accounting for 60% of the marks. It involves learning to draw from different perspectives, developing objects from basic shapes and drawing them from memory, resizing objects as per the given prompt, and understanding design principles and elements. The syllabus also covers various topics like poster design, stamp design, logo design, typography, story-telling, creating a comic strip, character design, mural design, pattern creation, and mascot design. It's important to be well-prepared in these areas as questions related to them have been asked in previous exams. The exam can surprise you with unexpected prompts, like drawing the interior of a handbag from an ant's perspective or drawing a comic strip using a circle and a square

NIFT has different sections of tests for various disciplines such as CAT, GAT, and Situation test. GAT comprises Logical Reasoning, English, Mathematics, GK (mostly related to the fashion and design industry), and current affairs. For CAT, there are no specific topics to mention. The questions asked are aimed at your innovation and creativity. Your answer will be evaluated depending on the illustration, color theory, observation, and concept development. You don’t need to be super skilled in sketching. But, your ideas matter. If the concept is neat, innovative, and clear, then there is a chance that you are eligible to get shortlisted.

Visualization of Concepts

Visualization is another critical aspect of the NID and NIFT exams. You must be able to visualize concepts and ideas in your mind and translate them into tangible forms on paper. This skill involves the ability to think three-dimensionally, understand spatial relationships, and visualize objects from different perspectives. Practicing visualization exercises and solving problems that require mental rotation have been a very important part of my preparation process. This is something that

Why coaching is important for NIFT and NID Exams?

Here are some reasons why coaching can be necessary for cracking the NIFT and NID exams:

Experienced Teachers

One of the key advantages of coaching centers is the presence of teachers with years of experience in the field of design. They have likely encountered various challenges throughout their careers and are equipped with effective strategies to tackle different situations.

MAD School has experienced teachers who are alumni of top design colleges. They have the expertise and years of experience required to guide students with the right approach to the syllabus and provide valuable insights into the exam pattern.

Misinformation on the Internet

There are a lot of sources on the internet where there is information on how to prepare for the NID examination or NIFT examination. Some of the pieces of information on the internet are misleading. Coaching centers, on the other hand, stay updated with the latest changes in the exam pattern and provide accurate and relevant study materials that helped guide my preparation.

That is why at MAD School we update the students with real-time information on what is happening in the design world and the latest information related to the NIFT and NID entrance exams.

Mentoring in Specific Areas

Coaching centers offer specialized mentoring in different areas of the NID and NIFT entrance exams. For instance, they provide guidance for aptitude tests, which have a defined syllabus that is constantly evolving. Additionally, coaching centers, have group discussions with like-minded people who have the same goal as you, which can be more effective in absorbing knowledge compared to endless internet surfing. In terms of English language skills, coaching centers focus on concept-specific learning and precision, which significantly improved my performance.

MAD School is known for its specialized attention to the students. We mentor the students based on their needs and focus on the topic that they need attention on. MAD School does not leave a single student unattended.

Accountability and Deadlines

By joining a coaching class, you will get a sense of accountability when preparing for the entrance exams. Meeting deadlines and achieving will become essential as you progress through the curriculum with your peers in a coaching class. Studying on your own may make it harder to meet deadlines and stay on track. The competitive environment in coaching centers can push you harder to be better, encouraged, disciplined, and improve your overall performance.

Teaming Up and Discussions

One of the greatest advantages of coaching centers is the opportunity to team up with fellow aspirants and engage in discussions. Collaborating with and supporting each other's growth is very beneficial. It may help you have different perspectives on different topics and ideas.


To sum up, coaching is important for students who prepare for NIFT and NID exams. Also, students can prepare on their own as well. Ultimately, the choice between self-preparation and coaching depends on your individual circumstances, learning style, and affordability. I believe one needs to assess their strengths and weaknesses, evaluate their resources, and make an informed decision that aligns with their goals and aspirations.

Remember that cracking the NIFT and NID exams requires dedication, hard work, and a deep understanding of design principles. Whether you choose coaching or self-preparation, maintaining a positive mindset, staying motivated, and giving your best effort are key. With determination and the right approach, I believe one can achieve their dreams of cracking the NIFT and NID exams and pursuing a successful career in design.

MAD School’s Role in Your NIFT and NID Coaching

NIFT and NID are creative exams, one cannot clear these exams by studying day and night. MAD School steps up the coaching by conducting activities and bringing out the creativity in students.

  • Less books and more practicals!! We do not just take classes where we rush to complete each topic. We prefer practical learning and that’s what we do.
  • Fundaments and foundations are the core, and we focus more on those.
  • Advanced exercises like understanding 3D forms through sculpting, design thinking exercises, design sketching, and rendering, and many more.
  • Live outdoor sketching sessions where students study nature, architecture, proportions, and different perspectives.

Check out our website - for more information on about our coaching classes, or call us for inquiry at 9959750006.


  • What is the difference between NIFT and NID?
    -NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) focuses on the fashion industry and technology, whereas NID (National Institute of Design) focuses on wider areas of design study such as industrial design, exhibition design, animation film design, etc.

  • Can I crack NIFT easily?
    -NIFT is a competitive exam but not impossible to crack. NIFT is more of a creative exam and demands more creative thinking. With hard work and determination, you can clear the exam.

  • What are NID and NIFT?
    -NID stands for National Institute of Design and NIFT stands for National Institute of Fashion Design.
    -NIFT and NID are India’s top design institutes that specialize in fashion-related education and a broad spectrum of design disciplines, respectively.

  • Can a coaching center help me prepare better for the NID entrance exam?
    -Yes, coaching centers can help you prepare for your NID entrance exams better. Especially at MAD School, you will be focusing not on just the books but you will be improving your creative thinking as well.

  • How much time is required to prepare for NIFT and NID?
    -You can prepare for NIFT and NID exams within 3 months. But it is important that you join a coaching center in this case. On average, it takes 3 months to 1.5 years to prepare for NIFT and NID exams.