Online coaching has gone through a major transformation post the COVID-19 pandemic. What once was an alternative way of learning and was not preferred by most of us has now become the primary education platform. This is when we also included online NIFT coaching, online NID coaching, and many more as a part of our learning program. Online learning has evolved rapidly and the students have also adopted this way of learning.

Mad School is a coaching center that provides coaching for design entrance exams like NIFT, NID, NATA, CEED, UCEED & BFA. With a strong track record and a focus on student success, we have been training students to crack design entrance exams for several years. We stand out as a trustable and reliable coaching center where we not only provide coaching for the students to clear their entrance exams but also give them the right guidance on their career path and help them choose the right design college.

You can also get the right guidance for your design career, fill out the details, and apply for free design career counseling from our experts.

Mad School has two options for coaching: Online coaching classes and Offline coaching classes. Students tend to lean towards either online or offline coaching based on their preferences. Some of the reasons and advantages when it comes to selecting online coaching are -

  • Accessibility - Students can access the courses anytime without any restrictions in the geographical boundaries.
  • Flexibility - Students can take up the classes based on their schedule.
  • Personalized attention - Students can get clarification whenever they want.
  • Multiple courses - Students can take up coaching for multiple courses which opens the gate for multiple options with respect to colleges.

Online Coaching Courses by Mad School

Mad School has a 100% success rate when it comes to our students clearing the entrance exam. Take a look at our students who have got top ranks in different design entrance exams.

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Online Coaching Courses by Mad School

Long-Term Coaching:

Duration - 1 - 2 years

Entrance Exams - NIFT, NID, NATA, CEED, UCEED & BFA

Program Name - Long-term [Course Name] Coaching

Days of the week - Weekdays and Weekend Classes

Time - Weekdays: 2 hours/day | Weekends: 6 hours (Sat & Sun)


Short-Term NIFT Coaching:

Duration - 6 months

Entrance Exams - NIFT, NID, NATA, CEED, UCEED & BFA

Program Name - Short-term [Course Name] Coaching (Crash Course)

Days of the week - Daily Classes

Time - Weekdays & Weekends: 2 hours/day


Choose MAD School for Online Coaching

MAD School's online coaching programs are designed to cater to the needs of NIFT, NID, NATA, CEED, UCEED, and BFA aspirants. We understand the importance of personalized attention and offer interactive live classes (not pre-recorded sessions), doubt-clearing sessions, and online mock tests. Here are some reasons that we give to join Mad School’s online coaching classes:

  1. Experienced Faculty: MAD School has a team of experienced faculty members with more than 10 years of teaching experience. The faculties provide individual attention to each student and offer valuable feedback to improve more and more.

  2. Comprehensive Study Materials: As a student at MAD School, you will have access to comprehensive study materials. These materials are designed to cover all the essential topics and concepts required to excel in the design entrance exams.

  3. Flexible Timings: We know that you will have to manage your high school studies and the entrance exam preparations. This is why we offer flexible timings for online classes which will allow you to learn at your convenience.

  4. Mock Tests and Exam-Oriented Preparation: We are pretty serious when it comes to the exam preparation part. This is why to enhance your exam preparation, we conduct regular mock tests and topic-wise tests. These tests will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and will also help us assess and provide the right guidance to improve your performance.

  5. Interactive Learning Experience: We believe in giving a fun and creative learning environment to the students. Even if it is an online mode of learning we make sure that the classes are interactive, engaging, and fun.

  6. Success Stories: We are proud of the success of our students. Year after year, students from Mad School secure top ranks in NIFT, NID, NATA, CEED, and UCEED exams, and get admission to the top design institutes across India.

Take a look at the interviews of our students who share their experiences and some tips on how to clear the entrance exams.

Courses Offered by MAD School

MAD School offers a range of online coaching programs to cater to different entrance exams. Whether you are preparing for NIFT, NID, NATA, CEED, or UCEED, they have got you covered. Here are the courses offered by MAD School:

NIFT Online Coaching - Enquire Now

NID Online Coaching - Enquire Now

NATA Online Coaching - Enquire Now

CEED Online Coaching - Enquire Now

UCEED Online Coaching - Enquire Now

BFA Online Coaching - Enquire Now

You can also apply for classroom coaching classes at Mad School - Apply Now

How to Join MAD School's Online Coaching Programs?

Joining MAD School's online coaching programs is easy and hassle-free. Simply visit our website and apply for the course you wish to take.

You can call us via phone at +91 995 975 0006 or email at for any inquiries or to enroll in our online coaching programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I interact with the coaching instructors and fellow students in the online classes?

Coaching classes conducted online might make you think that you will not have opportunities to interact with fellow students and instructors. Here are some ways that you can interact with them at our coaching classes -

  • Live Chats
  • Discussion Sessions
  • Group Projects
  • Emails
  • Social Media Platforms

2. Will I get access to books when I join online coaching classes at Mad School?

Yes, you will get access to Mad School Books when you join the online coaching classes. You can also purchase the Home Prep Kit from us and get started with the preparation for the entrance examination.

3. Will I get access to books when I join online coaching classes at Mad School?

Yes, you will get access to Mad School Books when you join the online coaching classes. You can also purchase the Home Prep Kit from us and get started with the preparation for the entrance examinations.

4. Are there any prerequisites or technical requirements for joining the online classes?

No, there are no prerequisites to join the online coaching classes. All you have to do is join our coaching classes with the passion and commitment to clear the entrance exams.

5. Can I access the course materials and resources after the class is over?

The books that you get from our coaching center are hard copies which you can keep for further reference. But the access to our mock tests will be revoked after the classes.