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An Overview

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is the undergraduate degree seeking a professional education in the Visual or Preforming Arts. The discipline is the study of Drawing, Sculpting, Painting, Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre etc. The term” Fine Arts” refers to an art form practiced mainly for its Aesthetic, Value & Beauty.



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Do I have the essential ingredients required for this Discipline?

The essential discipline required for this program is your Natural Interest for Art, with one totally enjoying creating & imaging. The candidate needs to be radical in their ideas but at the same time should be practical enough towards creating works of Originality and inspiration.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility towards Fine Arts consists of students applying for the same post completion of their HSC (10+2) studies. Students from any stream are eligible to Apply.


Bachelors of Fine Arts in JNAFAU are conducted by the Department of Painting & Visual Communication. This Discipline of study consists of four Years of study. The first year consist of a common foundation course in basics of Art with remaining 3 years are devoted to professional training. The program gives candidate the liberty towards choosing his specialization in Animation, Applied Arts & Visual Communication, Photography & Visual Communication, Sculpture & Painting. The total Intake consists of 20 students for Each Discipline. Securing admission towards college consist of clearing the written exams.

Let’s discuss the Question paper

Question papers are different with one set catering to Applied Arts /painting/Sculpture/Animation and a different set of question paper catering Photography discipline. These are two different sets of Question paper.

Syllabus and Exam pattern for Painting/Applied Arts/ Sculpture/Animation

This is a 250 Marks question for 3 hours. The question paper consist of 3 sections which includes Paper –A with Objective drawing questions for 100 marks ; Paper –B with Memory drawing & colouring with 100 Marks & and Part –C with objective type questions for 50 marks.

  • A) In Part –A object drawing, an object shall be placed in front of you. You are required to draw the same in Pencil in the same order as placed in front of you in a time span of 90 minutes. The objects need to be pencil shaded as well. The drawing should be proportionate to the size of the paper. No marks will be given for a very small drawing. Estimation of apparent sizes of the objects during drawing shall be done using your own eye and the object with pencil held between, as all other measuring forms & mechanical devices are forbidden.
  • B) Part –B (Memory drawing & colouring) consists of for eg: to Draw a Bus Stand from your memory and colour the picture using water colours. Candidates are asked to draw the picture and colour it leaving the colour schemes left to the discretion of the student.
  • C) Part –C consist of General Knowledge and current affairs with multiple choices provided to choose from. Time frame provided is 50 minutes with 50 marks. There are no negative marking and candidates does have the chance to score full marks provided he prepares well.

General Feedback from the students for exam held on 2017-2018

Questions on G.K and current affairs were quite easy. Candidates felt the need to improve on sketches, as they felt that more time should have been spend for practice on drawing realtime objects. Some students felt that even though they were able to complete the question paper on time, some parts of the drawing did have the scope for perfection. Over all the candidates enjoyed the exam and are hoping for good results.

What are my career options once I complete Fine Arts?

The scope in the field of fine arts is very wide and has a large spectrum of options to choose from. The Median salaries start from 3.56 lkh per year to 1.3 crore per year. Earning potential are not a limit to this industry. The pay-out depends on the Industry and number of years of experience as well.

Some of the carrier option include:-

  • Art Studios/Animation studios
  • Advertising Companies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Fashion Houses
  • Freelance consultants
  • Teaching/ Academics
  • Direction/ Photography
  • Television & Media Houses
  • Art Director – Magazines
  • Set Designer ( Production houses)
  • Fine Artist:
  • Writer
  • Craft Artist
  • Art Director
  • UI/UX interface designer

Important dates to remember

The entrance exams for JNAFAU (B.F.A) is held every year in the month of July 1st week and the results are declared in the month of July 3rd week. We are not publishing the dates as there are expected variations on the same every year. For more details on the dates you are advised to visit the said website for more details:




Hello. This is Anvitha. Although I joined Mad school very late with respect to my entrance exams, I can say that it has been a great experience learning techniques for NATA as well as BFA(Bachelor of Fine Arts) entrances. The dedication of the faculty in teaching me basics within a really short period helped me in not only scoring good in NATA but also getting into MIT ADT University , Pune for BFA course. So, do consider joining Mad School (of course ,the earlier the better) to get one of the best teaching experiences to help you clear your respective entrance exams.

Anvitha Prakki

"I joined MAD school recently and preparing for BFA in photography, I would recommend this institute to everyone. One of the best institute and best teachers as well. This institute offers everything in arts like BFA in photography, applied arts, animation, sculpture and all with also B design and Nata coaching."

Phantom JaY

"First of all I would like to thank MAD School for helping me out in entrance exam!! I have got state 1st Rank in BFA entrance. My hallticket no: 11713005.It was a wonderful journey being there learning new things about art. The faculty was very talented and supportive. They taught us many things related to art. It was a homely atmosphere, with like minded friends. Having such good faculty in our institution, my love for art got multiplied. The best part of my journey at this School was the lunchtime. All of us used to sit and ate together like a family. An other good thing was my friends @MadSchool who made it an amazing journey for me. All the facilities, art & design games in MAD school were amazing. That’s the unique thing about their teaching. The classroom environment made me to think out of the box. It’s a perfect place for someone who really wants to art heart fully."


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