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What is Photography?

Photography is the art of showing people the world beautifully.

Photography is freezing a moment for eternity. For some, it is capturing the beauty that cannot be put into words. For some, it is paying attention to the world in details. We all have different definitions of what photography is.

However, it is evident to say we all see it as a blessing in a world that talks visually. When thought about the photography’s inception, it all comes down to a pinhole camera from our Physics books, started about 3000 years ago. Yes, it started with a box. A pinhole camera is a small device that allows light to pass through a small opening which reflects and projects the image upside down. A pinhole camera is also called “Camera Obscura” which is used by many artists to trace down their drawings easily. It is obvious that it takes a lot of patience and skill. Although, it is done simpler and easy when you capture an image said Nicephor Niepe.

Our Professional Photography course in Hyderabad teaches you to master the art of talking with frames. For an image to be permanent, Niepce tried all the strange things, including adding helium to Camera Obscura and a lot more. After 6 years of constant trial and error, his dedication paid off and he found the formula. There it comes; Click: the first photo was taken in the year 1826. The photo speaks the scene from the upstairs of this window. There was constant evolution in the photography world after that and it was seen an expensive asset until Kodak came into the picture.

Today, Photography has become one of the important parts of life. Be it, taking picture of a beauty to taking a picture to depict something informational.

own a camera? Make the best out of it.

Why choose our Photography course?

Our Photography course is developed keeping you in mind. Whether you are a true beginner or an aspiring amateur, our classes are sophisticated and focused to expose our students to the technical and creative aspect of photography.

At our course, you will learn to see the light, see the expression, be able to juxtapose between yourself, your subject and others. As you learn more in the photography course, you will up skill yourself with the knowledge in photography and also, gain perspective of yourself and others.

  • The focus is solely on you with undivided attention.
  • You will have access to modern equipment, hence better quality and regularly updated.
  • We take it on a personal level. Every student is taught with personal attention to bring out the best of the teacher-student bond.

We have regular photo walks and practice sessions to favour learning by experience.

  • Photo tours become a mandate thing to this course where it involves students visiting a particular location and get their photography classes, along with their mentors on their side.
  • Students are taught by highly qualified professionals, each one best in their field.

Photography as a Career

A photographer is expected to create a good composition of any subject, be it machinery, any form of beauty, a child’s smile or scenery. Like it is said, a single picture can speak a thousand words.

Until a few years ago, Photography was only viewed as a hobby profession, but today, it has pushed itself a long way. These days, Photography is coming affront as a popular career choice, despite the age group. Photography is a mix of science and art which means the camera is replacing the artistic way of ‘how a writer writes’ and ‘artist uses his paintbrush’. Photography is divided into many streams, each one generating numerous job opportunities.

  • Feature Photographers : – The stream of photography involves describing a story through pictures taken and requires thorough knowledge of the subject. Most of the photographers specialize in Wildlife, Sports travel, environment, etc.
  • Press Photographers/Photojournalists :- Photographers who belong to this field supply pictures to press. This career role demands a photographer’s ability to photograph all kinds of places, political and community events for newspapers, journals, newsworthy people, magazines or television. A photojournalist needs to have a journalistic sense to shoot good news pictures.
  • Commercial/Industrial Photographers :- In this career role, it demands the photographer to take pictures of exteriors, interiors of factories, merchandise, and pictures of both indoors and outdoors for brochures, adverting, selling and annual reports.
  • Portrait and wedding photographers :- The photographer needs to take pictures of small groups or individuals, involving pets, children, families, weddings, functions and activities of social clubs and sports.
  • Advertising Photographers :- These photographers are connected with advertising agencies, photography studios, etc. This is the most competitive branch of all and best-paid. The success here entirely depends on the efficiency, ability and right personality.
  • Fashion Photographer :- This kind of arena is mostly carried out in Delhi and Mumbai which involves highly sophisticated and well-equipped studios by freelancers. This bulk of fashion photography is also commissioned by fashion houses of advertising agencies.

"Your Camera is only an Equipment. The essence is in your Eyes. Train your Eyes. Learn the art of compositions and Capture moments"...

Topics covered in our Photography course :-

  • What is Photography?
  • Camera Obscura – a demo
  • Types of Light and its effects
  • Parts of a Camera
  • Types of Cameras - which is the best?
  • Film Camera and Digital camera – A Comparison
  • What is SLR Camera? Point and Shoot Vs. SLR camera
  • Camera Sensors – Why it matters?
  • How to Focus? Focusing modes in your camera, Manual focusing – when and how to use?
  • How to Hold your Camera?
  • The Right Exposure
  • Depth of photography Field and how to control it?
  • Aperture, Shutter and ISO
  • Creative modes of your camera
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Metering methodologies and Metering modes
  • Exposure Value / Exposure Compensation
  • White Balance
  • Tools for judging the Correct Exposure
  • Camera Modes Lenses – which one to buy?
  • Optical vs. Digital Zoom
  • Choosing a Camera – Case Study Image
  • Editing – Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom
  • EXIF Info
  • Image Viewing / Editing Softwares
  • Introduction to Light room / Photoshop editing
  • Organizing Your Pictures
  • Backup
  • Composition Tips and Tricks
  • How to Take Great Pictures
  • RAW vs. JPEG
  • Megapixel Myth
  • I can’t take good pictures – I don’t have a big camera
  • Genre of Photography
  • Filters
  • Accessories
  • Qualities of a Photographer
  • Taking Care of your Camera

The exciting 30 day hands on workshop is open for all who would like to understand the finer Nuances in Photography.

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