students say

CEPT UNIVERSITY NATA score- 148 Looking back at my journey, all I can say is that hard work surely pays off. MAD is an amazing platform for learning. You learn new things everyday and hence everyday becomes a new experience. MAD is one of the best institutes for design. You have the liberty to learn what you like eventhough it’s not included in the curriculum. According to me interest and hard work is the key to crack any entrance exam. I would like to thank the faculty for their help and guidance, without which I don’t think I would be here today .”


“AS far as my knowledge MAD School is the best institutes for all design and art courses in India. I have taken NATA long-term coaching here.The faculty were too good and friendly. They helped me improve my drawing,aptitude and maths.Thanks to maths sir for spending extra hours with us everyday.I have scored well and got admission in SVCA,Hyderabad. Most of my friends got into JNAFAU and other top colleges. Frankly speaking the faculty always let us express and share our thoughts and views which is the best part about MAD.”

Rakhi Singh

“Hi I’m Harika got into ICFAI school of architecture in Hyderabad through Nata. I joined Mad School for short term nata Coaching. I’m happy to talk about Mad school. It has friendly environment with professional teachers. Mad school is for the people who want to enjoy their work It’s a best place to learn what we love. I’m happy that I went there for my Nata coaching”

Harika Naraharisetty

Hi i’m shashi i joined mad school for NATA it is the best coaching institute for any design entrance i have learned a lot in one year it’s not not like any other coaching centres.

Gangaram Sashidhar

“The study material they provide and techniques they teach are very helpful. The faculty are understanding and cooperative. Whoever wants to take architecture as a career option, this is the best place. Best of luck for your NATA exam.”

Prasad Achary

Nata Coaching Centers Hyderabad