You know Hyderabad for its booming IT industry and its amazing Hyderabadi briyanis. But you also need to notice the need for designers in such a place where the IT sector is booming. In recent years, Hyderabad has transformed into an emerging creative hub, making it a hotspot for design, entertainment, and more.

This article is here to show you why Hyderabad is such an interesting place for people who love design and creativity. It will make you think about what makes Hyderabad special when it comes to having a career in design.

Achievements in the field of Entertainment in Hyderabad

In the entertainment world, Tollywood has done really amazing things that people all around the world have noticed. The massive hit movie "Bahubali" made an incredible 650 crores worldwide, making it the most successful Indian film ever. This movie, directed by S.S. Rajamouli, did more than just make a lot of money; it changed the Indian film industry. The movie was so huge, impressive, and had such amazing special effects that it made other filmmakers raise their game and got people all over the world really excited.

Now let’s talk about the economics behind it. The success of the film industry in Hyderabad isn't happening all on its own. The city has brought in a lot of money from investors, and the government is doing things to help the economy and society. In just the last four years, Hyderabad has received a massive 21 billion dollars in investments. This has had a big impact on many areas, including creative and design businesses.

This is just the beginning of where designers can step their foot in and create history.

Hyderabad's Imprint on Entertainment and Media

Hyderabad is home to more than 20 established gaming and animation studios, along with 250 digital media firms operating in various formats.

Naming a few gaming and animation studios in Hyderabad.

  • PurpleTalk
  • Electronic Arts
  • Pole To Win
  • Head Digital Works
  • EA Games India
  • Green Gold Animation
  • Gameshastra Solutions
  • International Game Technology

A few of these companies have helped make movies that won big awards, like "Life of Pi" and "Spiderman." Hyderabad has a lot of skilled and talented people, making it a top choice for big global projects in media and entertainment.

Building a Design and Creativity Ecosystem

Hyderabad's creative world is booming, thanks to many exciting projects. Most of you might know about T-Works. T-Works is the biggest place in India for trying out new ideas. They encourage people who love hobbies, making things, and coming up with new stuff.

Then there's the Game City project, which is the first of its kind in India. It aims to become a central place for IT companies that focus on games, animation, media, and entertainment. These projects will likely create lots of new jobs and make the city's creative community even better.

Hyderabad Government’s Role in Design Industry

The government of Telangana is really trying to make the design, animation, gaming, and visual effects (AVGC) industries grow. They built a fancy place called the Image Tower where more than 200 companies in these fields can set up their companies. Also, they made a plan called the IMAGE policy in 2016 to encourage more investment in AVGC and comics in Hyderabad. With all these plans, Hyderabad is getting ready to become a big center for design and innovation.

TVAGA, Telangana VFX Animation and Gaming Association (TVAGA) a non-profit association dedicated to promoting and developing the media and entertainment ecosystem in Telangana, has been instrumental in supporting the growth of the creative industry. In collaboration with the state government, TVAGA plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent, fostering collaboration, and creating a conducive environment for creative professionals.

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Hyderabad's Global Design Impact

Hyderabad's impact on the world of design is crystal clear. Hyderabad was picked to host the 31st World Design Assembly. This event was set up by the World Design Organization, a group that's not part of any government and was started in 1957 to help with the job of industrial design. Over 50,000 people from 110 different countries came to this event. This shows that Hyderabad is becoming important in the world of design.

In the world of animation, there's a remarkable success story in Hyderabad, and that's Green Gold Animation. They are the creative minds behind the beloved character "Chhota Bheem" This character has won the hearts of people all over India, and its popularity doesn't stop there. "Chhota Bheem" has made a name for itself not just in India but internationally as well. It's a testament to the incredible creative potential that Hyderabad holds.

Green Gold Animation's journey showcases that Hyderabad isn't just a city with a thriving animation industry; it's a place where creativity knows no bounds. The fact that "Chhota Bheem" has become a global sensation highlights the creative power and potential that can emerge from this city, making it a significant player in the world of animation.

Design Career Options

This was all about the various design opportunities. Now let’s talk about what are the various options that you can choose when it comes to pursuing a design career.

Graphic Design: In Hyderabad, there are many opportunities for graphic designers. You can work in places that make ads, and websites, or even be your boss if you like. Your job is to make things look nice, like logos, ads, and online pictures.

Interior Design:With all the new buildings going up in the city, there's a need for people who can make the inside of buildings look great. You can work on homes, offices, or even big places like hotels and restaurants.

Fashion Design: Hyderabad has a growing fashion scene. You can design clothes, work as a fashion stylist, or give people advice on looking good. It's a big field with lots of chances.

Animation and Visual Effects (VFX): Hyderabad is famous for making cool animations and special effects in movies as we have talked about. You can work with studios that make cartoons, games, and special effects for films.

Industrial Design: If you like making new things, industrial design is for you. In Hyderabad, you can design anything from everyday goods to machines.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design: Hyderabad's tech scene is huge, and they need designers to make apps and websites easy to use. You make digital things work well and look good.

Jewelry Design: Hyderabad has a long history of making beautiful jewelry. As a jewelry designer, you can create unique pieces that show the city's culture.

Automobile Design: If you're into cars and bikes, this is for you. You can help design cool vehicles and be part of a team that makes them.

Architecture: The city is growing, and they need architects to design buildings and homes. You can work with architecture firms or even start your own business.

Event and Exhibition Design: Hyderabad has lots of events and shows. Event designers make these places look fantastic, with cool setups and decorations.

Textile Design: Hyderabad has a textile industry, and you can design fabrics and patterns for clothes and other things.

Environmental Design: This is about making the city eco-friendly. You can work on projects to plan the city, design parks, and make green buildings.

Advertising and Marketing Design: With so many businesses, they need people to make ads and marketing stuff. You design campaigns, ads, and other materials to make businesses look good.

Education and Research: If you like teaching and learning, you can work in education. Hyderabad has many schools, and you can shape the future of designers.

Freelancing and Entrepreneurship: If you like being your boss, you can start your own design business, whether you're a graphic designer or a web developer. Hyderabad supports people who want to start their companies.

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