10 Signs You are Meant to be a Designer

Have you ever had that feeling where you think you might just be destined to be a designer? You know, someone who has the magical ability to bring creativity to life, making them speak louder than words ever could? Well, if you are still unsure about the design powers you have, fear not! We have some design traits to share with you that can help you figure out if you've got what it takes to be a designer.

Let’s explore these traits!

1. You See Design in Everything

Have you ever met someone who seems to find interesting designs in everything? Or have you ever been scrolling through Instagram, and suddenly, you stop and think, "I wonder what font this post has used? Maybe it would look even better with a different font or color!" If yes, then put a check on this first trait.

These kinds of people are blessed with super cool talent. They see design in the world around them all the time. It's like a creative puzzle they can't stop solving. Whenever they see or experience something, their minds start buzzing with ideas and ways to make it look or work better. It's like they have a special power for design, and it makes their world more colorful and exciting!

For example, look at these pictures. Have you ever imagined a simple picture can be doodled this way?


2. Tiny Details Matter to You

You're not just someone who creates things that look good, you're like a detective of details. You care deeply about the little things, and it's not just about noticing them – it's about making them count.

Why? Because you're all about giving people the most fantastic experiences they can imagine through your art. You understand that those tiny details, the ones that might seem unimportant to some, can make a huge difference in how someone feels.

Imagine you're designing a website or a piece of art. You don't just don't add the components together, and done. You actually obsess over each pixel, each color, each line. It's not just about making it look nice, it is about perfection and what that art or a piece of work means to you.

So, if you are naturally a very detail-oriented person. You are not doing anything wrong by choosing design as a career.

3. Problem-Solving is Your First Priority

As a designer, your superpower is a good observation. You see beyond the surface and dive into the heart of issues. Problem-solving isn't just a job for you; it's a daily adventure and you embrace it because that's what designers do best.

You're not confined within the borders of design alone. You step outside, into the real world, and bring solutions to life. It's not just about creating something that looks good; it's about making it function seamlessly.

Your mind is a powerhouse of logical and critical thinking. You craft solutions that not only work but also captivate. You have a deep empathy for people's needs, and that drives you to go above and beyond in problem-solving.

Does all this define you? There you go check another box!

4. You Refuse to Stand By the Status Quo

You don't always follow the usual way. You like to do things your own special way and never settle for just okay. You're the kind of designer who's always trying to make things better.

Great designers also think outside the box, coming up with fresh ideas that surprise and delight. They pay attention to what people need and make designs that fit those needs perfectly. They're not afraid to take risks, trying out new stuff and pushing boundaries.

In a nutshell, designers like you are creative, innovative, and problem-solvers. You bring unique perspectives to your work, and that's what sets you apart.

5. Designer in You Speaks Louder than You

Talented designers are famous for their creative work. They are excellent at sharing their ideas and concepts through designs. They can also work well with others as part of a team.

If you're not yet a great communicator through visual designs, don't worry! Like any skill, you can learn and get better at it. Just keep practicing, and you'll improve over time.

Being a good designer isn't just about making things look cool; it's also about making sure people understand the message behind the design. So, being a strong communicator is super important. Plus, working together with your colleagues and sharing ideas can lead to even cooler designs!

6. You Don't Lose Track of Time

You probably know a few designers who spend most of their time just picking the right font, the right layout, or the hue of red, for the design work. We are aware of a few scenarios where designers skip their meals straight for 2 days. No, this is not an exaggeration. This is real. This shows that a designer is so focused and determined to bring out the best in designs that he loses track of time.

On the other hand, productive designers are able to manage time and only focus on the details that matter and solve the problems quickly. A good designer is purposeful in her work and she is always results-driven no matter what hurdles come.

If you have trouble taking control of your time, you can always improve it.

7. For You, Creativity Never Goes Out of Style

You already know it. “Creative” is the most popular word you hear in the design world. It's pretty clear that a great designer can be super creative with any idea or plan they get. If you're someone with good creative skills, you're like a problem-solving wizard. You don't just see things from one angle you explore different ways to make designs awesome.

Being creative means you're always searching for cool ways to make your designs even more fantastic. You're like an inventor, finding new ways to make things pop and catch people's attention. Being creative is a bit like having a secret superpower, and it makes you an amazing designer!

8. You are Patient By Nature

Design work can be a bit slow sometimes, but that's okay. Instead of rushing to finish quickly and getting grumpy, you believe in taking your time. You like to be patient and let things develop at their own pace. This gives you the chance to try out different ideas and see what works best for communicating your message.

You're not in a hurry to finalize a design. Instead, you enjoy exploring creative options and testing them out before making a final decision. It's like being a detective, trying to find the best solution, and that's how you create amazing designs that really connect with people. So, patience is your secret ingredient for design success!

9. Business Savvy

Even though design and creativity can be pretty complex, it's essential to remember that design is a fantastic field. It's like a captivating business that constantly amazes our eyes and makes our visual senses go, "Wow!"

Design might seem like a lot of hard work, from getting clients and working for them, but the results are just beautiful. It's like creating art that speaks to our hearts and makes the world more interesting. So, even when things get tough in the design world, the beauty of it all keeps us hooked. It's a world where creativity shines, and that's what makes it so special!

10. Open to Evolution

As a designer, you may witness ups and downs in your professional career. You understand that evolution is the key to keep it going. As a good designer, you are open to growing and seeking new inspiration in any possible way you know can help you the best. You try out new technology, share ideas through design with a wider creative community and never leave your seat as a teacher.

You are a business-savvy because while you are in a designer mode, you understand your preferences and opinions come second to the client’s business goals. It is easy for you to make decisions that are good for your users and their business, although you desperately have a few improvements with design and colours.

Final Thoughts…

We could possibly mention all the great trait of designers – your passion and the will to design something new each day is what makes every other trait of a designer stand out. If you are not a designer yet, you may see some of the signs pushing you towards your design career path, let that feeling stick and decide if you have to take this moment towards choosing a design career path.

These are the ones that stand out in our minds, and the qualities we have observed over time in our designers and our MAD School students who have successfully grown as designers from various reputed design colleges in India. While these 10 signs of a good designer alone may not be the secret traits, we believe anyone who is passionate and a great problem solver can grow as a designer in any design industry they choose to work for.

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