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Since you’re on this page, I’m going to assume that you’ve already read all about NID.
In case you haven’t, let me fill you right in. NID is an institute for design education. In order to get in you must write the NID DAT. When you qualify that exam, you will be eligible to give the NID studio test.

So, let’s begin, shall we?
You all know the drill. First up, “W” questions.


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“Vanakam  Nid Coaching Classes Hyderabad
I’m Deenadayalan M.Des – NID This Institute which completely helped me to full fill my dream. It helped me a lot, not only in preparation it help me in many ways. It’s more then a coaching institution. It’s like a home. And it’s like a school. You’ll get individual care like Home and fun like a school. That individual Care for students is make this Institute standout of other institutions. You will get chance to explore lot in design and Art. Lot of great minds are there. They guided me in proper way to achieve my goal. From DAT Prelims to Studio Test they are with me to achieve my goal. Simply it’s a MAD Family. Thanks MAD School.. Nid

Nid Coaching Classes In Hyderabad


Nid Training Centers Hyderabad

What is NID Situation test?

Shortlisted candidates for B.Des from the written entrance examination are required to take a Situation Test which is a hands-on test to evaluate the candidate’s skills for material handling and innovative ability on a given situation with a given set of materials.

What is the duration of the studio test.

The duration of the test is 3 hours

What will we have to take along with us?

Everything you need to carry is specified in the admit card for the studio test.

What does the examiner provide?

The examiner provides the materials required in the 3rd hour, i.e., the model-making segment

What are the documents to be carried?

Yeah, you do. you must, must, must carry your id proof-it can be you Aadhaar card or driving license. Also make sure you carry your admit card.

Will the students have to work simultaneously?

Yes, each question must be answered in the given period of time.

Will everyone get the same set of questions?

Yes, they will.

What happens in the first hour?

During the first hour, you’ll have three tasks, A, B and C

The first task is an audio test, wherein you must listen to sound clips and note down which sound it is and describe the sound.

The second task, consists of a black bag. You must try and identify the object using your hand only (mustn’t see it) and sketch it a 3-dimensional drawing of the object of three sides.

For the third task, you must Observe the pictures given to you in the paper and sketch any 5 of them without seeing in the boxes given below.

Write a small story in the given lines below and sketch the comic for it in boxes given (5 boxes)

What takes place during the second hour?

During the second hour, you are required to make a scene drawing.

What about the third hour?

The third hour usually consists of model making wherein you’ll have to make something out of the materials provided by the examiner.



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How can we manage our time efficiently during the test?

Students should work quickly, should wear a watch and read the entire paper at least twice.

How soon is the studio test conducted after the NID DAT?

About three months

How are the questions given to the students?

They are given in a paper as well as announced on a speaker

How many people are shortlisted for the studio test?

Around 300-400

How hard is it?

On a scale of one to ten, this is definitely a nine. You need lots of practice to do well.

Keeping all of this in mind, MAD School has brought you a unique, hands on workshop conducted by NID faculty at our centre.

The workshop can be up to 30-45 days.

The workshop consists of: –

  1. Clay modelling
  2. 3D modelling
  3. Audio visual tests
  4. Doodling
  5. Material exploration
  6. Portfolio review
  7. Mock Interviews

While giving your exam, have presence of mind. It is super important to have a clear thought process while working under a strained time frame. Give it your absolute best shot. Best of luck!


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