NIFT Locations and Distances

The NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) is located in 18 states and UTs. From the bustling metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai to rapidly growing urban cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and more. Each NIFT campus is placed such that it is accessible to different students all across India.

Navigating these NIFT campuses, especially for people who have come from different parts of India might find it challenging to plan. This is why we have a guide that will help you plan and decide based on the commuting distances.

CAMPUS Commute
Metro Station Bus Stop Airport Railway Station
NIFT DELHI 0.5km 1km 12km 15km
NIFT CHENNAI 1km 2km 10km 4km
NIFT MUMBAI 0.5km 1km 6km 2km
NIFT KOLKATA 0.2km 0.5km 15km 5km
NIFT HYDERABAD 1km 2km 30km 6km
NIFT BANGALORE 0.5km 1km 40km 7km
NIFT SHILLONG N/A 1km 30km 100km
NIFT KANNUR N/A 3km 30km 5km
NIFT KANGRA N/A 1km 12km 2km
NIFT PATNA N/A 1km 6km 2km
NIFT RAEBARELI N/A 1km 80km 3km
NIFT DAMAN N/A 0.5km 8km 3km
NIFT BHOPAL N/A 2km 15km 6km
NIFT PANCHKULA N/A 1km 15km 3km
NIFT SRINAGAR N/A 1km 10km 5km
NIFT JODHPUR N/A 1km 12km 2km
[Table 1.1 List of NIFT Campuses located from Metros, Bus Stops, Train Stations, and Airports]

This compilation of locations will definitely help you plan. You can bookmark this for your further reference.

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