Photography Coaching Classes

Photography is more than simply picking up a camera, pointing it towards something and tripping the shutter. Great photos are achieved through through preparation, understanding of the photographic process, and a solid grasp of how composition and light effect a photo. Photography idolizes one’s own expression and personal involvement .


Some of the qualities required for a photographer includes Ambition, An eye for detail, Aptitude for Business, Creativity, Hand eye coordination,Networking skills , people skills etc .. Photography has come a long way since its introduction to the world. This career is critical to a wide range of industries as they require combination of modern imaging technology along with traditional photographic equipment. Some of the careers in photography includes :-


  1. Portrait Photographer : – Weddings to School photos, portrait photographers are onsite with their equipments to always capture the moment at all times. You can be self employed or a part of a studio either working at your own terms or on a scheduled one. People who are self employed would also extend their time towards meeting new clients, forming bills, framing photos and processing images


  1. Commercial Photographer :- It contains a range of photography careers that specializes in helping in clients market their product or services. Commercial photographers takes pictures from buildings, merchandize, company employees, catalogs for media advertisements and websites. Documentation of equipments or projects  for company records and reports. This is also seen as a more lucrative career in photography .


  1. Scientific Photographer/ Investigative Photographer : Documentation of variety of subjects , in order to record experiments , illustrate technical information and bring to life that are not visible to a normal eye. Micrography, Infrared photography, underwater photography are often used.


  1. Photojournalist / News Photographer :- The kind of work these category of photographers do mainly are document events, people for magazines, newspapers and other publications. Photojournalists use a combination of both images and words to tell a story or hold a separate plate .In Short photojournalists must be skilled  storytellers.You can work for a newspaper or magazine as a staff or as a freelancer .


  1. Freelance photographer :-   You are your own boss.There are opportunities for freelance photographer just in any industry. From Event to News to Fashion you can be everywhere. Though there would definitely be constraint towards establishing yourself the variety and challenges that brings to your work shall not boredom you at any point of time


“Your Camera is only an Equipment. The essence is in your Eyes. Train your Eyes. Learn the art of compositions and Capture moments” …


The exciting 30 day hands on workshop is open for all who would like to understand the finer Nuances in Photography.


The topics  include :-

  1. Basics of Photography
  2. Digital Workflow
  3. Compositions
  4. Color Theory
  5. History of Photography
  6. Studio Lighting
  7. Interior and Architecture Photography
  8. Storyboarding
  9. Visual Storytelling
  10. Portrait & Fashion
  11. Portfolio Development

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