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Mad School, founded in 2012, is the best coaching center to get ready for fine arts entrance exam coaching and other design entrance tests like NIFT, NID, and CEED. Our BFA coaching center in Hyderabad is famous for the enjoyable and teamwork-focused way we teach our students.

Mad School is the perfect place for students who dream of a career in design, thanks to our successful history of producing great BFA results and the different approaches to coaching that we follow.


BFA Entrance Exam Coaching Batches Intake for 2024/2025

Are you ready to start your journey into the world of fine arts? At MAD School, we will provide you with the right coaching for BFA entrance exams. Our mission is to nurture your artistic talents and give you the best coaching experience for the BFA entrance exam. We guarantee you in securing a spot at the best fine arts colleges in Hyderabad.

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Mad School BFA Coaching Timetable and Schedules

At MAD School Coaching Institute in Hyderabad, we know that every student is unique. That's why we offer both long and short BFA entrance exam coaching sessions, so you can choose what suits your schedule. If you want to start preparing early, we have a thorough one-year BFA coaching program. If you are late in starting the preparations, you can also get a focused and quick preparation by opting for our three-month BFA crash course.

We've got options for everyone!

The BFA coaching modules are available in online and offline mode. You can call us or keep scrolling to find out more about our coaching options.

Mad School BFA Coaching at Hyderabad provides

  • Long-term BFA Coaching (Online and Offline)
  • Short-term BFA Coaching (Online and Offline)
  • Repeaters Batch (Online and Offline)

Call us at 995 975 0006 for free career counseling

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Program Name Duration & Time Days of the Week Mode of Class
Long-term BFA Coaching 1 - 2 years
Weekdays: 3.5 hours/day
Weekends: 15 hours (Sat & Sun)
Weekdays and weekends Online / Offline
Short-term BFA Coaching 6 months 3.5 hours/day
Daily Classes
Online / Offline
Repeaters Batch 2 - 3 months
Weekdays: 3.5 hours/day
Weekends: 15 hours (Sat & Sun)
Weekdays and weekends Online / Offline
Crash Course 15 days - 1 month
Weekdays: 3.5 hours/day
Weekends: 15 hours (Sat & Sun)
Daily Classes Online / Offline

Mad School UCEED Dusshera and Christmas Batch!!!

We're offering admissions on both Dusshera and Christmas, so you can kick-start your journey towards success in the BFA entrance exam.

Get special daily BFA entrance exam coaching classes in both online and offline modes. Call us now and get a chance to avail early bird discounts!

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Mad School “Hall of Fame” - BFA Entrance Exam Results

With over 11 years of experience, MAD School Coaching Center has a strong track record in producing top results in design entrance exams. Our students excel in the fine arts entrance exam and secure spots in top fine arts colleges. We're proud of their achievements, and their hard work motivates us to continuously improve our coaching for aspiring artists.

Vaishnavi Reddy




Here are some of our students’ rank cards who have secured places in Hyderabad’s top arts college - Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University. Now is your turn to join the squad with your arts coaching classes!

Why MAD School for Arts Coaching in Hyderabad?

We will give you countless compelling reasons for you to choose Mad School's BFA entrance exam coaching in Hyderabad.

  • We have the highest selection ratio for the past 10 years for NIFT Entrance Exam in India.
  • We guarantee 100% selection in a top fashion design colleges or institute in India & Abroad.
  • We are an award winning coaching institute - “Best Design Coaching Centre” by Higher Education Review Magazine.
  • We have flexible class timings during weekend and weekdays.
  • We have training faculties who are alumni from NID, NIFT, CEPT, IIT, JNTU, and JNAFAU.

Comprehensive BFA Modules: We offer a well-structured BFA course designed to cover the BFA entrance exam syllabus extensively, ensuring you're thoroughly prepared. We have mock tests at the end of the coaching such that you are thoroughly prepared for

Flexible Admissions:Recognizing the importance of timing, we've made different coaching modules and modes of learning available. Admission opportunities are also available on special occasions like Dusshera and Christmas.

Testimonials from our students.

Our students feel like a part of the Mad Family. Hear what they have to share about our coaching, their experience at Mad School, and the memories they've made!

And yes it’s not scripted, the words are penned down directly from our Student’s heart


“First of all, I would like to thank MAD School for helping me out with the entrance exam!! I have got state 1st Rank in BFA entrance. My hall ticket no:11713005. It was a wonderful journey being there learning new things about art. The faculty was very talented and supportive. They taught us many things related to art. It was a homely atmosphere, with like-minded friends. Having such good faculty in our institution, my love for art got multiplied. The best part of my journey at this School was the lunchtime. All of us used to sit and eat together like a family. Another good thing was my friends at MadSchool who made it an amazing journey for me. All the facilities, art & design games in MAD school were amazing. That's the unique thing about their teaching. The classroom environment made me think out of the box. It's a perfect place for someone who really wants to art heart fully.”

Also, watch the interviews with our students who have shared their experiences at Mad School. Click on the link below, take a sip of coffee, and enjoy!

What is BFA?

BFA, or Bachelor of Fine Arts is an undergraduate degree for students who finish a course in the study of visual or performing arts. This degree focuses on disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design (visual arts), acting, dance, or music (performing arts).

Understanding the BFA Entrance Exam

The BFA entrance exam serves as your gateway to securing admission to esteemed arts colleges. It assesses your artistic skills, creativity, and understanding of fine arts. The exam syllabus generally encompasses the following topics:

  • Drawing and Sketching: The ability to illustrate ideas and concepts through drawings.

  • Color Theory: Understanding the principles of colors and their application in art.

  • Visual Composition: Creating well-balanced and visually appealing artworks.

  • Art History: Knowledge of significant art movements, artists, and their contributions.

  • General Knowledge: Assessing general awareness and reasoning abilities.

Eligibility for BFA Examination

When you're applying to fine arts colleges, you typically need to have finished your Higher Secondary School, which is the equivalent of completing your +2 education. Importantly, there's no requirement regarding the specific academic stream you pursued during your Higher Secondary School. In other words, whether you studied science or commerce in your previous education, you can still apply to fine arts colleges without any issues.

Notable Art Colleges in Hyderabad Offering BFA Programs

Some of the top art colleges in Hyderabad that offer BFA programs are

Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU)

Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), located in Hyderabad, India, is a prestigious institution that offers a range of programs in the fields of fine arts and architecture.

They're well-known for their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs. These programs are great because they provide specializations in various fine arts disciplines.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program at JNAFAU, led by the Department of Painting & Visual Communication, is a four-year program. The first year covers fundamental art concepts, and the following three years focus on specialized training. Students can choose from Animation, Applied Arts & Visual Communication, Photography & Visual Communication, or Sculpture & Painting. Each discipline accepts up to 20 students. Admission to the college is based on clearing the Fine Arts and Design Entrance Examination (FADEE).

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University (PSTU):

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University (PSTU) is a popular college in Telangana, India. It's named after a freedom fighter called Potti Sreeramulu. The college started in 1985 and its main goal is to support and keep alive the Telugu language, stories, and traditions.

Their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program gives the right education to students who want to be artists. In this program, students learn a lot about different types of art like painting, sculpture, and drawing. Which university can better teach art than a university that is fond of preserving arts and culture itself?

Osmania University College for Women (OU):

Osmania University College for Women (OU) is a reputable college and a place for people who love art. They have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program where you can learn a lot about different types of art. The college is known for helping students become really good at art. At OU, they offer different types of art that you can specialize in, like painting, sculpting, and other cool artistic things.

Is BFA worth it?

A Bachelor's in Fine Arts is a less commonly chosen degree. This raises the question of whether the degree can be a valuable asset to your future career. Here are some pros and cons about pursuing a bachelor in fine arts degree

Pros of choosing BFA degree Cons of choosing BFA degree
You will get a focused education in fine arts, which will allow you to explore the artistic side and more importantly build a strong foundation in the art form you choose to specialize. The field of fine arts is highly competitive but definitely not a path where you cannot shine.
BFA programs will encourage you to bring out your full creative potential. It will provide a supportive environment for students to experiment and take risks. Pursuing a BFA degree can be expensive, considering tuition fees, art supplies, studio space, and other related costs.
Enrolling in programs will provide opportunities for you to connect and collaborate with fellow artists. The perception of art is subjective. Each person has a different taste. Market demand can influence the success and recognition of an artist.

How long does it take to complete a BFA course?

A bachelor's degree in fine arts is typically 4 years. But different colleges have different durations of courses based on the specialization that you choose.

At JNAFAU the duration of the course is 4 years. Similarly, at Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University the duration of BFA course is 4 years. But Osmania University offers BFA course which spans 5 years. There are colleges that offer the same course for 3 years as well.

Generally, it takes three to five years to complete a BFA course.

BFA Entrance Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Understanding the exam pattern and the syllabus of the exam is the most crucial part. Knowing the syllabus and the exam gives you the right grip on the type of questions asked and the way the questions will be asked. To make this section easy to read, the points that are to be noted for the BFA entrance exam syllabus and the exam pattern are noted below.

  • The BFA entrance exam question paper consists of both objective and subjective type questions.
  • It consists of around 100 to 200 questions based on the pattern decided for the following year.
  • Section - 1 of the BFA question paper consists of objective questions (MCQs). This section of the exam mostly tests your aptitude skills, logical ability and other skills.
  • Section - 2 of the BFA question paper consists of subjective questions where you wll be tested for your drawing and creative abilities.
  • After the theoretical exam is over, you will be called for an interview after you clear the exam.
  • Important thing to note for the interview is that you will also be asked questions based on your portfolios. It is important that you start working on the portfolios as well.

Depending on the college you can have complete aptitude tests as well with no further rounds. But it is advised to prepare for all the rounds to be able to attend the exams for all colleges.

BFA Syllabus

There is no set syllabus that is followed for BFA. But there are topics that you need to prepare and be aware of for the BFA entrance exam.

Syllabus for the theory section of the exam is -

  • Social and Cultural Activities
  • Indian Art Materials
  • Climate Change and Art
  • Various Color Formats

Syllabus for the practical section of the exam is -

  • Effects of Drapery Falls and Folds
  • Still Life in 3D Pencil
  • Dimension and Perspective Effects

How MAD School Coaching will help you prepare for BFA examination?

  • Boosting Creativity
  • Expert Faculty
  • Fun Learning
  • Feedback and Collaboration
  • Individual Support

Enhancing Creativity

The main aim of the BFA entrance exam is to check how good you are at understanding the concepts of drawing and designing, and also how creative and logical you are. Everyone has some creativity in them naturally. At Mad School Coaching, our job is to make your creative skills even better. We do this by doing fun activities that help you explore your creativity in cool and interesting ways.

We tell students it's okay to take risks with their ideas. This means you can try new things and make mistakes without feeling worried about being judged. At our BFA coaching, we create a safe and friendly space where you can feel comfortable expressing your creative thoughts and ideas.

Dedicated Faculty

The BFA exam has two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A checks how good you are at solving problems, and Part B checks your drawing and sketching skills. At our coaching center, we have teachers who are focused on helping students understand the BFA exam plan and what they need to study. There's a dedicated teacher to help students at our coaching center get better at drawing for Part B of the BFA exam.

Our coaching does not stop here, we also help you prepare for the interviews. We conduct mock personal interviews and also collaborative team discussions to help improve our student’s communication skills. A portfolio plays an important role in a designer's life. In the BFA personal interview, the questions are also asked based on the portfolio. This is what our faculty guides the students with their portfolios. We make sure that your touch does not get missed when you bring your work together in a portfolio.

Learning Approach

At Mad School Coaching, we're excited about how we teach students. We use a cool way of teaching that's really fun and makes learning together easy. We don't just use boring slides and boards to teach you. Instead, we play games and do activities in class. These activities help you understand things better. It's called "active learning" because you get to do things like group work, role-playing, and practical exercises.

We think feedback is super important for learning. That's why we give students feedback on their work often. It helps them get better and use the advice to improve their work or get new ideas. We also believe that students learn best when they work as a team. That's why we like students to work together at our coaching. They team up to do projects or assignments. This helps them learn from each other.

Individual Attention

Our faculties, at Mad School Coaching, are here to help students individually. If a student needs extra support with a topic or is finding something tricky, our teachers are there to help. They are dedicated to cheering students on and helping them succeed. They know that the BFA exam can be tough, but they are ready to support students to reach their goals.

BFA Mock Test: MAD School

At Mad School Coaching Center, we arrange practice exams known as BFA Mock Tests for our students. These tests take place once we've finished teaching all the topics.

Why Do Our BFA Mock Tests Stand Out?

  • Our Mock Tests resemble the Computer-Based Test (CBT) you'll face at the exam center.
  • They come in various difficulty levels to challenge you effectively.
  • Drawing Tests are evaluated, and immediate feedback is provided.
  • They aid in enhancing your time management skills during the exam.

We conduct comprehensive Mock Tests once all coaching topics are covered. Additionally, we offer topic-wise tests after teaching each subject, helping students to master each topic thoroughly.

Here are some of the BFA Mock Test links that you can access for free.

BFA Mock Test - 1

BFA Mock Test - 2

BFA Mock Test - 3

BFA Mock Test - 4

BFA Mock Test - 5

UCEED Preparation Books: MAD School

We provide free BFA Preparation Books along with the coaching for students. The books are free for students who take the BFA Coaching class online or offline.

You can also purchase the books from the link given below for the preparation.

BFA Preparation Books Link

Highlights about the book:

  • The study materials at our coaching are created by skilled BFA teachers and include all the aspects of the exam.
  • These books are well-written, simple to follow, and include lots of examples and practice exercises to help you learn better.
  • We update the books regularly to match the most recent changes in the BFA exam syllabus and pattern.

Life at Mad School BFA Coaching Center - Hyderabad

Students who enroll in BFA coaching at Mad School are passionate about learning and improving. Mad School provides the right atmosphere for students to explore their creativity. We often organize celebrations and activities for a vibrant environment.

At Mad School, learning is exciting and about working together with friends. Our coaching isn’t like regular classrooms with boards and slides. We have a 3D design studio, 3D models, and more. We use these tools to teach in a visual and enjoyable way.

The skills you gain at our coaching will not only help you pass the entrance exam but will also be valuable for your design career.

If you want a fun learning experience, come join the BFA coaching classes at Mad School.

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Check out this video where MAD School students installed a plant in an old tire as a part of the “REUSE” program conducted at our coaching center.

Things you need to know about Mad School Coaching Center

Mad School Coaching Experience:

MAD School's BFA coaching programs are made to help students understand all the BFA exam concepts, enhance their creative skills, and get ready for every part of the admissions process.

Our Coaching Faculty:

MAD School's coaching team, made up of skilled and dedicated teachers, uses different teaching methods to make sure every student can learn well and do great. They love design and are devoted to helping students reach their dream of studying at a top design college.

BFA Coaching Programs:

MAD School's BFA coaching programs are available in a mix of ways: you can attend classes at the campus in Panjagutta, Hyderabad, or join online classes with flexible schedules. This helps students pick the learning style that fits them best.

Our Coaching Curriculum:

MAD School's BFA coaching programs cover everything you need for the exam, such as:

  • Understanding how to visualize and think spatially
  • Sensitivity in design and observation
  • Using language and creativity effectively
  • Knowing about the environment and society

BFA Coaching Beyond the Exam:

Aside from teaching the exam content, MAD School coaching supports students in growing their creative skills and getting ready for every part of the admissions process. This involves guiding students in selecting the best course, completing application forms, and preparing for interviews.

BFA Coaching Success Rate:

MAD School's BFA coaching programs have a strong record of success, producing some of the top-scoring candidates in the BFA exam. MAD School is dedicated to giving students the support and guidance necessary to reach their goals.

All you need to know about BFA!!

This blog will cover all the essential details about the BFA entrance exam, such as the BFA syllabus, registration process, and exam pattern. We'll also give you some useful tips on getting ready for the exam in our coaching sessions.

This is your ultimate guide to your BFA Entrance Exam preparation.

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Why should you consider enrolling in MAD School BFA coaching institute?

  • Guidance at MAD School Coaching
  • Structured Topic-wise Learning
  • Study Materials and Access to mock tests
  • Enhanced drawing skills and creativity
  • Focused Preparation and training for BFA entrance exam.

How can one get ready for the BFA exam?

  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly.
  • Practice regularly with mock tests and previous years' papers.
  • Enhance drawing skills and design thinking.
  • Work on time management during the test.
  • Review and revise all topics systematically.

What is the full form of BFA?

The full form of BFA is "Bachelor of Fine Arts."

What is Fine Arts?

Fine Arts encompasses creative activities like painting, drawing, and sculpting to express emotions and ideas in beautiful and meaningful ways. Artists use colors, shapes, and different materials to make stunning and thought-provoking creations. It's a way for people to communicate feelings, stories, and concepts without using words, letting their imagination and creativity shine through their artwork.

What is the best time to join a BFA coaching institute?

The right time to join a BFA coaching center can vary for each person. But usually, it's good to start about 6 months before the BFA exam. Starting early gives you plenty of time to learn everything and get ready for the test by practicing a lot.

At MAD School Coaching center, you have 3 coaching options that you can choose from,

  • Long-term BFA coaching
  • Short-term Term BFA coaching
  • Repeaters Batch

How can I get the most from my BFA coaching experience?

  • Engage in all classes actively and attend regularly.
  • Ask questions to clarify any doubts you have.
  • Regularly practice using provided study materials and practice papers.
  • Take mock tests seriously and analyze your performance afterward.
  • Utilize the feedback from faculty to enhance your performance.
  • Stay motivated and focused on your goal.

What should I do if I am feeling stressed out while preparing for the BFA exam?

Feeling stressed during BFA entrance exam preparation is common. However, managing stress in a healthy manner is essential. Consider these tips:

  • Take regular breaks.
  • Ensure you get enough sleep.
  • Eat nutritious foods.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Have a chat with a friend.

Is BFA the right choice of career for me?

Deciding if BFA is the right career choice depends on your passion for artistic expression and creativity. If you have a love for art, design, and expressing ideas visually, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts might be a great fit for you. Consider your interests, strengths, and career aspirations to determine if BFA aligns with your goals.

If you are still skeptical about your career choices, get in touch with us today. Call us at 9959750006 to schedule a free design career counseling session. Our experts will give you the right advice by analyzing your interests and passions.