How you design a space, changes how a person experiences the space.

Interior Designing At Mad School

At MAD school, we have designed hundreds of careers and spaces for over 7 years. All our students are taught by well-known interior designers in Hyderabad who are a part of big projects in different cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Vijayawada.

Perks of being MAD School students

You get to learn all Designing Softwares

Our Interior Design course makes you job-ready because we don’t just teach theory but also, make our students very strong and creative in 2D and 3D designing software.

Field Experience

We teach the usage of design materials to our students along with having them learn through a few current projects in the Interior designing industry.

What is Interior Designing?

For over years, Interior design has been a chosen art, alongside science used to enhance the interiors of a building that contributes a healthier and a pleasing environment for the people using the space. Interior designing is so powerful that it affects your daily lives so much so that a person’s experience changes periodically at different interiors. Kiddos to best interior designers for all the comfortable homes, workplaces, beautiful public space and other aesthetic spaces in and around the places we live today.

Interior design has evolved dramatically since the early 20th century, from the time it was starting to come forth as a profession. Our Interior Design course helps in designing a creative version of you with your skilled touch and knowledge about interiors, design, plans and builds. Our interior Designing institute gives you all the skills and training you need to create and build beautiful and comfortable spaces according to the client’s requirement. Our main goal is to help our students become the most successful and well-known designers in the country. As an interior design institute in Hyderabad, we have been able to adapt design changes and trends over time.

What makes our Interior Designing institute so unique?

Our interior designing course is designed for all the career-oriented students.


  • Way ahead of traditional schools: –We break the idea of traditional schools by teaching interior design through hands-on, practical, quick learning approach by starting our course every few weeks whenever space is available.


  • Exercises at the end of each module:- We have designed separate modules that will help you participate in the design experience. We believe, through participation and interaction you will learn to feel confident and be creative. These exercises also help you build your first professional portfolio.


  • Interactive sessions : Whatever we do, we don’t want to be boring. So, it is often easy to deliver a planned session and leave but we keep our students in mind and what you are expecting, hence, we try to have as many interactive sessions as possible to keep the sessions exciting, high-profile and take the leverage of keeping your attention.


  • Making you industry ready :-If you are not industry ready yet, you are not a taker in the market. For you to be an asset to the business, you need to be industry ready. We understand the value of helping you grow with the skills that build the gap between industries and the skills. So, we teach and help our students get industry-ready through our interior design course in Hyderabad.


  • Direct contact with the faculty :-Yes, that’s right. You can directly contact the faculty who will guide you closely through each step of the course, hence, enforcing personalization and specific criticism on the submitted work. During the Interior Designing course, if you have any doubts related to the assignments or course, you can directly contact the faculty and have it cleared in one go.


  • Experienced professionals :- The teachers teaching don’t just possess knowledge about the course but also are the best working professionals in their own fields. Thus, giving you all the experience from their professional life in helping you realize your true potential.


Everything at its best looks easy. 

The best Interior designers make it look easy. Designers create spaces that appeal to our emotions and anticipate our needs while pulling the strong string of skills and technical knowledge. Like we know, the design has never stopped evolving, in today’s world; Interior designers are expected to have some working knowledge of

  • Textiles, color, materials, sustainability, space planning, , and more
  • Health and safety issues, Structural requirements, and building codes
  • Software applications for 2D & 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM)

These days, interior designer works with architects, contractors, engineering, furniture dealers, craftsmen, business and homeowners. To become one the successful interior designers, you need a well-rounded education and the skills to work with many clients and disciplines such as architecture; Decorative arts; Graphic design; furniture, textile and lighting design.

Where to start your Interior designing career from?

  1. Education is the first step to get the skills you need to succeed.
  2. Have a strong professional focus to design with the real-world experience
  3. Know how to market yourself to the potential clients and employers.
  4. Start your own practice, from small to big (Clients).
  5. Shape your mind with good knowledge on building structures, spatial concepts, ethics, ergonomics, ethics, psychology, and interior designing software, etc.
  6. Develop great communication, management and business skills to sell your ideas and designs to the customers.

Got any doubts ?

Doubt is a starter of something amazing.

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