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As I sip my hot coffee while busy surfing different website in search for a good deal on an item that I plan to buy, it just struck with me that It was a breeze towards accessing information in some website and a hard time accessing others. Being spend most of my early years in the service industry, words like satisfaction, Experience had stuck a chord within me as a top priority percentile towards a favourable demand for any a tangible or intangible of products and services. The market as we now unravelling is borderless & paced with more or less demand through an ever umpteen- desire for more. That’s when I realised that I was spending more time in some sites than others. With nothing to do for the day, I decided to closely self-evaluate towards my natural liking for some sites and my dislike for others.

Some of the things which I had noticed, a closer look revealed were representation of information, easy access with neatly placed click button, colours, moving objects, clear photos of products, convenience to make payments, Zoom ins & outs of pictures & fast. I am sure you do have come across certain websites with similar experience and would have understood the importance for such a frame work. Yes, there are specialists who do this and are responsible for such Delights . These people are called UI/UX Designers.

The tech space I understand has become a hot bed in the last few years and with that top talent (UI/UX) has become increasingly in demand as the same had been some of the hardest positions to fill in the current market place. According to one of the online job postings websites UI/UX consists of 28% average of this unique job postings making this industry the second most in demand group of professionals in 2018. Yes, this is one of the most talked about careers along with VR (Virtual Reality) AR (Augmented Reality) .

What is UI/UX?

UI Stands for User Interface & UX Stands for User Experience. Design as the discipline is a broad stream of subjects and is not just limited to graphic design, as there are pillars of responsibility which together holds design upright. Both UI&UX are crucial to an IT product and need to work closely together. Being integral to each other the roles of a UI &UX themselves are different, involving distinct process. The role of UX designer is to understand who the target customers are, devise strategies in making their experience with your product more Delightful. Some of the priorities for UX while designing a product will be functionality, usability & user adaptability.

The process involved in UX Design

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Product structure/Strategy
  • Content development 
  • Wire framing & prototyping
  • Testing &iteration
  • Development & planning
  • Coordination with UI designers
  • Coordination with developers
  • Tracking goals & Integration
  • Analysis & Iteration 
  • From the above process you are able to clearly understand the role of a UX is that consists partially of a marketer, project manager & designer as the process is complex, multifaceted & challenging. So, the role of any UX resource would be to ultimately connect business goals to users’ needs through a process of refinement and testing.

    What is UI?

    What if we have the experience in operating a hand phone but have a confused and complicated interface (UI). Can it be interpreted it as a usable product. A great UI has always been a challenge to create because it has always been intuitive. One of the best examples is the APPLE phone embedded UI in the UX. A UI designer makes technology easy for people to use. They work on the areas where users interacts with the product directly

    Job Role of UI includes:

    • Design research
    • Customer analysis
    • Branding
    • Graphic development
    • Creating story line
    • Prototyping
    • Animation
    • Interactivity
    • Implementation through working closely with developer
    • Creating adaptation to all screen sizes

    Is it for me?

    Every career/ study consists of certain interests and personal traits to become successful. The same experience sites here with no less compared. The User Experience discipline consists of your inert interest in sociology, cognitive science, in people & products. On the other hand User Interface Design includes a combination or understanding the above said principle and more visual inclination. Remuneration includes from the range of 7 lakh to 15 lakh as per the current industry standards. Some of the recruiters include start-ups, mid-size companies, Indian and global multinational companies. I guess it’s here to stay and is dawning the next wave of digital experience.




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