What is NIFT Situation test 

Shortlisted candidates for B.Design from the written entrance examination are required to take a Situation Test which is a hands-on test to evaluate the candidate’s skills for material handling and innovative ability on a given situation with a given set of materials.


No additional material is provided / allowed.


The model is evaluated on space visualization, innovative and creative use of given material, composition of elements, colour scheme, construction skill, finesse of the model and the overall presentation. These parameters are checked with the write up explaining the concept behind the model constructed.



Dear Parent/Student

                          Greetings from MAD school. We at the outset join hands with you in celebrating yours wards first round of success in NIFT exam. Now that you have experienced and understood the fierce competition, let us guide you through the challenges and skill your son or daughter requires clearing the second round.

As you understand, the second round consists of situation test, which is crucial in securing admission in leading NIFT centers across India.

Situation test is a hand on test to evaluate your wards skills on material handling and innovative ability on a given situation with a given set of materials.

Some key factors evaluated for situation test are: –

  • Visualization
  • Innovative& creative use of given material
  • Composition of elements
  • Color scheme
  • Construction skills
  • Finish of the model & presentation in all with write up on the concept

Considering the limited time available MAD school has conceptualized this unique 10-day continuous workshop conducted by NIFT graduates at our center

This workshop is hands on and covers: –

  • Understanding the Design Brief
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Material Exploration
  • Concept Delivery &Time Management
Sample questions asked for NIFT Situation Test
  • Futuristic Products
  • Accessory Design
  • Global warming
  • Vehicle Design
  • Cabin Design
  • Toy Design


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