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Style is beyond clothes and the accessories you adorn your body with.

Fashion designing is an art that you need to create a unique masterpiece to become successful in the fashion industry. The fashion design mainly focuses on the creation of clothing including womenswear, menswear, and ready-to-wear and costume design. If you have an eye for creativity, design, style and originality, our fashion designing course in Hyderabad is best for you. We provide our students with a strong foundation in apparel design and construction that you cannot seek anywhere else.

Who are Fashion designers?

Fashion designers are the ones that understand that clothes are much more than the protection elements for your body. Clothes have in them the power to make you feel confident, comforting and fierce. Clothing can also be a projection of showing what people want the world to see. Some of the traits a fashion design should possess

  • Original and innovative
  • Organized
  • Independent
  • Good coordination
  • Good judgment
  • Excellent eye for details
  • Good decision-making skills

Is Fashion design the right career choice for you?

Fashion designing as a career can be very challenging as it needs you to be creative and new all the time. If you are talented and include style in everything you do, fashion designing is right for you. At all times, a fashion designer is expected to be original and creative enough to constantly make people look good. Further, you need to be innovative to combine colours, designs, shades and textures to express your ideas through sketches. You should also visualize new patterns, design, garments, fabrics and accessories and enjoy working with it.

Fashion designing course at Mad school that fit your passion

We help all the aspirants to become the best fashion designers in this field by instilling in them the skillsets needed for the high fashion rewarding career. At MAD school, we are strongly held with successful students, highly experienced faculty in this industry, well-equipped classrooms and labs for practice. We emphasize on educating our students beyond the books and the traditional teaching methods. Our main focus is on incorporating unique and innovative new design strategies, for the development of our design students.

This Fashion designing course in Hyderabad is best suited for students who are interested in the shape and structure of garments with a passion for cutting and shaping. Fashion designers transform garments, stitch, customize and piece together the fabrics for a unique creation. We are also committed to excelling in educating students in the complete fashion design process, from creation and innovation so that they become the leaders in this global fashion design industry.

Why is our Fashion design course the best fit for you?

Fashion designing course in Hyderabad is too trending because we invest in you, with all the resources and the faculty that will help you take an idea and make it real. Anything you learn here can be applied to challenges faced in the real world.

  • The MAD school has produced tons of fashion designers who are now successfully working across the world.
  • Experience design life and learn from the experts in the design, fashion, art, business, and entertainment industry.
  • Set up a creative future by learning hands-on, entrepreneurial skills to lead the success industry.
  • When fashion becomes a career, you live a creative life.

    Fashion design as a career

    A fashion designer needs no introduction as the design speaks for itself.

    While fashion design is trending, fashion design jobs are trending too. Fashion design is a complex hub with a large community performing a wide variety of essential functions. Designing is only one of the stories in the fashion industry, as so many things go into a good fashionable design. You can make fashion industry your second home if you have the creativity and vision to launch your own clothing line (or a business), that’s not just it, it is also very crucial for a business to know right marketing to sell the latest trends.

    Common tasks of a fashion designer

  • Attending national and international fashion and trade shows
  • Staying current on contemporary styles
  • Creating sketches and samples
  • Researching and predicting fashion industry trends
  • Choosing fabrics and colours
  • Using CAD (Computer-aided design) to produce designs
  • Working with creative minds, directors, models, tailors, clients and patternmakers
  • Pricing and marketing products
  • Putting together a cohesive collection theme
  • What are the career choices for fashion designers?

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Retail
  • Product Merchandiser
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Stylist
  • Accessories designer
  • costume designer
  • Textile designer
  • Fashion blogger
  • Ready to wear designer
  • Product manager
  • Press agent
  • Patternmaker
  • Studio manager
  • Lifestyle designer


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