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It's raining since morning. With morning papers reporting a spike in virus from different parts of the world, the apprehension seems to be paving way for a long haul. Humanity has come a long way in tackling pandemic challenges which had pushed them towards breaking boundaries in space, land, and water. A few of the pandemics in history includes

  • Third cholera ( 1957 ) which spread from India to Asia,Europe and N. America
  • Asian Flu ( 1956-58 ) which started in China and killed roughly 1-4 million people
  • Typhus Epidemic (1918- 1922) due to the devastating effects of WW-1.
  • Cocoliztil, E-bola ( 1545-1578 )
  • Plague of Justinian
  • Antonine Plague
  • The Black death (14th Century ) ,
  • HIV , AIDS ( 1980)
  • Influenza ( 1918 )

No, this article is not about pandemics. The reference was merely a gesture towards indicating challenges that humanity had undergone and his struggle towards surviving and striving in overcoming those bubonic plagues days. With the spread of diseases identified in water, rodent etc. the“More-Safe” world we live in has been the Humanities capacity to reimagine Cities, Lifestyle, Transportation, Trade and Health & Hygiene. A memoire on happenings during the yesteryears pandemic had always reminded about disruptions and disasters across the world. Disruptions had always been a way of moving forward where it gives us that unique opportunity to reflect on over selves, actions and the consequences caused as a result of our own doing. The catharsis shakes the very crux of our patterned approach and helps us be more aware and thoughtful in what we do. Every pandemic has made man more intelligent persuading him to be more cautious and sustainable in his approach.

The current pandemic I personally see had been a resultant of Humanities sheer gastronomically desire curated from the markets of Wuhan in China. A result of un-demarcated consumption in unhygienic conditions. So much for "Man in the Making"

The current pandemic has been the worst hit as China, the origin of Covid 19, for two reasons. The one for its population and the other for its tag as "Worlds Factory"


Fashion & Allied Industries

Le'’s say 2020 was supposed to be a good year without covid in Fashion. With Europe and America barely recovering from the 2001 financial crises, order books of several Asia markets were swelled with orders. From fashion shows and calendar’s being marked for new launches, the year looked promising for many manufacturers, suppliers and countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, India, and Vietnam who depended on exports to these markets towards their economic growth. An example here can be the country Bangladesh. Bangladesh government depends on 85 % of its earnings on the export of ready-made garments. The pandemic had now cost them cancellation in one third orders from many of their clients including pre booked ones which had cost them losing one third in their earnings. Some of the other reasons can be a huge drop in consumer demand to the tune of 30%-50 %. The early shut down of the Chinese Market had a devastating effect on the Fashion Industry. Silk Scarfs that are made for Luxury brands In Italy comes in big bulk from China. With an oversupply of inventories, missed seasons and ships still arriving in different parts of Europe the trend is definitely towards the discount culture that is prevalent in USA.

How has the Fashion Industry adapted itself?

Adapting can be a more appropriate term as the Industry has realized the harsh reality that had hit them and slowly is evolving towards a more realistic approach. The most effected have been the premium brands across the world with their limited stores and digital footprint. The mass brands with their online arm which used to contribute a mere 8-10 percent of the total business are also seeing a reversal in their fortunes. With social distancing in place and with restriction of customers in their outlets, brands are now adopting and discovering in providing a whole new experience using technology such as Virtual reality, Dynamic web sites, augmented reality, content up gradation, Product detail, Webinars& Live interactions, digital fashion Etc. The use of technology such as AI & DATA has also been infused in all their communication towards enhanced customer understanding and forecasting. Logistics has also been realigned through many Brands listing themselves with shopping aggregators such as Amazon, Flip kart in doorstep delivery of their products and services. Another interesting change is the new product line that they have introduced in the form of face masks, protective gears and sanitizers that carry their trademark, style &scents. Sportswear and casual Home wear are the current trends. The demand for casual and Lounge wear in UK jumped 433%. With Conscious shopping steadily gaining traction the consumer would still limit one’s cart with bare essentials. This is due to an overall economic downturn along with the decreasing number of purchase occasions. With gradual restrictions and resumptions of social activities across the countries, we are seeing a slow trajectory pointed upwards in the coming days.

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(Source: Economic Times )

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