NATA abbreviates in National Aptitude test in Architecture. NATA is conducted every year by Council of Architecture for admissions in Architecture program. The course duration is for 5 years. NATA commences every year to screen candidates based on their Drawing and Observation skills, A sense of proportion, Mathematics, Aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability. For one to crack NATA, he has to be equality good at the topics mentioned in the former line. However, there are other parameters one should consider to become the best at cracking the NATA Entrance Exam.


Be creative: Creating designs and ideas that already exist brings no newness and appreciation in a world that grabs attention on designs built every second right at this hour.

Master the art of Time management: No matter how good your drawing or creative skills are, if you can’t manage time effectively, the skills you carry are no good. So, prepare, schedule, practice and repeat.

Early bird catches the prey: Preparing right before the exam has never fetched extraordinary results. So, plan your preparation time before it’s too late. If you are give your boards, make different schedules and use time wisely to not crack both the exam.

Practice makes perfect: As the line says it all, anything done regularly will make you proficient in it. Check out the NATA syllabus, important topics, sketches and practice them day in and out.

Use A4 sheets: Get comfortable laying your hands on A4 sheets while drawing or sketching as it can help you get along well with the answer sheets in the NATA examination hall.

Get thorough with the NATA sample papers: Why not start on the road that’s already travelled before? Yes, try solving most of the NATA previous year question papersWhile solving these papers, keep a track on the time and make notes on topics/questions that are eating up your time. Now, the notes you made will tell you which topic you have to concentrate the most.

Let go of the tradition of by hearting: Don’t stack your brain with theory questions. Instead queue your minds with stories of famous architects, their works and jog them up with general architectural terms.

Gather inspiration to get a goal: Read and learn the stories of successful architects to inspire the best out of you. Find a reason that keeps you motivated to prepare and reach the goal.

Other tips that might help you

  • Carry a wrist watch to the exam hall
  • Take a few rough papers to the exam hall if you are permitted
  • Use quality pencils like Staedtler
  • Get enough sleep before the day of the exam
  • Carry extra pencils just in case you need them

It is always considered the best part of the learning process to know the tips for an important exam that you looking to make a career in. At NATA Coaching Classes in Chennai and Hyderabad, we make students architecture ready and get into top architectural colleges in India.

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