The 88th Geneva motor show witnessed electric sedan from Tata motors on its new alpha platform.

The future design direction with the E-Vision have established the Indian carmaker challenge the likes of Tesla or any International carmaker that “Indian Design has arrived”.


The need for an alternative source of energy had its share of debate over the last few decades in India. The need for an alternative solution stems from the facts of pollution which affects the daily social life of every human being. A report by the world health organization states that India has 22 of the 50 most polluted urban cities in the World. Very less effort has been taken up by the government by bringing in new set of standard norm for emissions like Bharat stage-IV. However the solutions do not seem to suffice the current situation in the Indian context. The fact remains that Air pollution is a national crises and demands a concreted national action plan.


India had always been a land of a different geographical context with a bandwidth of mobility in the forms of Rickshaws, hand drawn cars, cycle rickshaws besides buses, cars and other nominal means of transport. A recent survey has revealed that a good 75% of Indian commuters travel less than 1000 km a month. The survey also showed that most people simply travel from home to office and that the fleet of cabs provided by their office has reduced the use of personal vehicles substantially.

The pattern of travel is mentioned below

  • 1. Point to point travel by car: 75%
  • 2. Purpose of travel: For Home & office: 31% ; For family purpose: 44%
  • 3. Travel during weekends: 9%
  • 4. Outstation travel : 9%
  • 5. For other purpose: 7%

What customers would look for would be affordability, quality, looks and ease of charging in the E –Vehicle eco system. Given that the biggest concern about the e- vehicles is charge range the issue might not be as big as expected. The fact is in most cases the usage of personal cars would be limited across the country in the range of 500-700kms in a month .This would indicate a customer education program to be dispensed in the long run.


The E-VISION from Tata motors carries a Sleek Humanity Lines ( Grill: Smiley face), Slim LED LAMPS maintaining the traditional design elements. Some of the features include flowing coupe like styling, a massive panoramic roof that allows plenty of light, shoulder line slim tail lamps. With 4.8 meters it is one of the largest sedan on its alpha platform. There shall be two more variants like the 45 xs &h5x. The expected roll out of the E-VISION should be between 2020-2022.

With Indian demography looking forward for a cleaner and less polluted India the E-car marks a good beginning for a eco friendly system of mobility and transport.





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