We all enjoy the benefits of a “Well Designed Product”. The product can be Household product like a simple knife a pen a calculator, a car, a computer or mobile phone. Well these are a few examples from our daily life adored for their utility and functional value. Have you ever understood the efforts that go behind the process that initiates with a simple Need and which then germinates into a physical product? Think of a situation where a good design had influenced your purchase decision? Well the majority of the answer would be:  “Always” .

“It takes great pleasure in saying that we live in interesting times defined by exponential change.”

Design has evolved from being a vocation dealing with form and function to a new approach of developing business models. Design has also evolved over the past years from being a mere function of styling or aesthetics (where form and function are the focus) to design as a process (where design thinking is integrated into the development process). Today it has become a strategic element and an innovation leading process.


The relationship between a product, system and the end user primarily consists of product design. The product can be the final product, system can be the process and end user can be the final user who uses the product. The approach in any product design initiates with user and the process at the centre. An aspirant who would like to done the hat of a product designer shall have three virtues. The virtues include Curiosity, Connectivity & Commitment and ability to refine and define problems. It has to be understood that all the products that you see in the world were a solution for one problem or the other. A better way in helping you understand would be to cite some examples on product design.

The TVS RR310 (Motorcycle), the inspiration for the design had stemmed from the Shark for its Quickness, Agility & as an Apex predator. TVS further goes to explain the inspiration manifesting into an aggressive stand. The underlined philosophy for this product had been an uncompromising racer. The company had also communicated that the designers had also been racers which helped them exacting their understanding the DNA of any racer.

The above example teaches us some great lessons in becoming a good product designer

  1. a)How to see the whole universe like the same being watched in our courtyard
  2. b)To open our eyes to find one’s own  identity in the our own space of work
  3. c)Respect the materials which is the core for any product designer

Let’s look at the process in product design

It is to be remembered that each design team follow a different process while designing a product. The one mentioned below is one such process while designing a product

Analysis: Concrete facts and figures and extensive research has to be the core at the beginning of any product design. The team once identifying a solution and committing to the project begins analyzing the data that had been collected which would help them reach the solution

The next stage is the defining stage

Here, the team identifies the key issue or issues. Using the problem conditions as objectives and constraints as parameters within which to operate, the team narrows down the information.


The product design stage consists of the design brief, the product design specification, the concept design, the concept generation, the concept evaluation & the detailed design. The factors affecting the product design can be cost, ergonomics, materials, customer requirements, company identity, fashion, culture, functions and environment


Product design is a complex process as customer requirements are different. Some of the needs that require attention while designing a product include

Hope the above article did throw some light towards the enormous role and responsibility endowed by a product designer. Hope this should help you towards a better understanding about the discipline before you embark on your journey

There are several institutes offering product design both at the undergraduate and post graduate level. Some of the institutes include NIDIIT/UID ETC …

Commercial application & the employment opportunities include Design studios, manufacturing houses, automotive industry, IT firms etc





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