Your ‘PASSION can become your PROFESSION’ 

We, in this article we honestly try to introspect over selves in asking a few questions to find out if we have the real OOOMPH in binding this profession as our life partner. Below are some of the questions I personally had before I entered this profession. The questions and answers asked below are some that I had encountered during my years in this profession.

What is photography? Is it just information on paper?

The word photography was derived from the Greek words which means “Drawing with Light”. According to our wiki friends Photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording lighter other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light sensitive material such as a photographic film.

It’s a fact that any visual form of narration has better impact on human beings than any other forms. Photography captures that powerful form of visual narration of storytelling. With evolution of technology and possibilities, photography has captured many an imagination and has now found prominence in many a fields which include science, manufacturing, business, art, film and video production, recreational purposes, mass communication and hobby.

What are the skills sets to become a good photographer?

This was one of the most repeatedly asked questions before I began my profession as a photographer. What started as a hobby have now become my mainstream revenue and fame. This answer will certainly help you give a head start before you initiate the plunge and will ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes that were both costly and time consuming. The below mentioned are some of my recommendation of Definitive needed skill sets to become a great photographer. Most of our interest in photography starts as a hobby by initiating selfies and henceforth finding a natural progression towards wider angles and corners

  1. Examine things critically: My first interest in photography started with cinema. This is the unique medium which made this profession have its acceptance world-wide. Cinematography, the ways shots are set up are analysed at our subconscious level and tend to continuously examine critically when taken seriously and henceforth becoming a student of every photo and video you consume.
  2. Detail Oriented: Ability to focus on the tiniest details is one of the biggest parts in a photographer. Capturing, to know when to edit the tiniest details when you know they are not adding to your bigger composition are one of the skill sets
  3. Coordination: A steady hand, good eye hand coordination is another skill that you need to develop. This can be possible through certain recommended exercises, and with lots of monitored training.
  4. Creativity: Well, we all have the creative potential within us. However a formal training in a good photography school can really propel in facilitating your creative juices.
  5. Technical skills: The same goes without saying towards selection and using  of best equipment’s, software and tools, and in knowing them to use correctly would one of the skills you would need to know
  6. People Person: Like in any other profession being personable shall take you a long way in creating success in your career. The field of photography requires such skill sets as the profession demands camaraderie, the right attitude, socialising, network building towards building good contacts and reachability
  7. Knack for Marketing: Do not except you it be approached by anyone. You need strong marketing skills to get your name out there and do let people know what you can do. The first step for the same is to create a good Portfolio that speaks volumes of your creative skills. You can also go ahead and post your portfolio in websites as well. This does come with a minimum cost. The cost depends on the subscription that you apply.


What are the different forms of Photography? What is the scope for Photography as a profession in India? 

Different forms of Photography:-

Photography has evolved into 100 different forms which has manifested in different forms and style over the 200 years of its inception. Herewith mentioned are 15 most popular forms of photography that you need to focus. Mind you that the equipment needed for different photography is not the same as it also depends on the plot and the scenario as a whole.

  1. Travel photography
  2. Experimental photography
  3. Black & White photography
  4. Landscape photography
  5. Advertising Photography
  6. Wedding Photography
  7. HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range)
  8. Food Photography
  9. Ariel Photography (requires Licence from concerned authorities)
  10. Street Photography
  11. Sports Photography
  12. Still Life Photography
  13. Abstract Photography
  14. Photojournalism & Forensics
  15. Wild life photography

Let me begin with a funny rumour that goes on to say that in India if you throw a stone, besides hitting a dog and an engineer it’s most likely that you would end up hitting a Photographer as well.

To give you some perspective wedding industry in India is about 3 billion dollars. Fashion photography is estimated to be in tune of 15 billion dollars in India approximately with a yearly growth rate of 15- 20 %. Photography in its early years in India was related to wedding photography. With the opening of Indian economy in 2008 to foreign players, photography as a profession has grown leaps and bounds in the last 18 years. Some of the mainstream professions include Advertising, Manufacturing, health care sectors, Fashion; media houses adopting the possibilities of photography have carved a niche for itself. It nevertheless goes on to say that with coming of e commerce, equipment’s of high value purchase (cameras & accessories) has been made easy and possible. The explosion of mobile phones also have droned the possibilities of exploration of one’s own creativity with their first owned mobile phones equipped with cameras with ever popular social media as a vehicle. With possibilities of free online postings and reach through social media networks every 2 out of 3 people have become a master of their own craft.

Any profession in India is considered as a full time job if the incumbent is able to support his family along with having a social status in a society. Photography even though been around in India for ages it’s still considered as a sunrise industry in India. One of the biggest employers of photographers is in the field of cinemas. Other fields include Advertising, fashion, Media houses and design studios with full time job opportunities. Some of the upcoming areas in photographic includes Scientific photography, Forensics, wedding and space photography. Choosing any of these areas would definitely depend on your personal choice, interest and academic background.

PAY SCALE: Photographer

Besides Interest, passion and fame, pay scale is definitely one the most important factor that attracts any a person to this industry. An entry level photographer can expect to earn an average of Rs 2.96 lakhs which includes bonus, tips and overtime pay. The salary progresses as you ripe in experience. An experienced photographer with 5 years’ experience can earn upto 7 lakhs and above.

Some of the designations include:-

Photographer for E-commerce, Fashion Photographer, senior lifestyle photographer, Product Photographer, Photographer cum Photo editor, Food Photographer

Top 10 school offering photography courses in India

We all desire to be associated with the best school of study for the profession we choose to be. Here are some of the top 11 colleges in India which offers photography. Eligibility for these courses needs you to have completed the 12th standard education. However some of the requirements differ from college to college.

1)Jamia Milia Islamia , Delhi

2) Osmania University, Hyderabad

3) Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gorakhpur university, Gorakphur, UP

4) Asian Academy of Film& Television, Nioda

5) AJ Kidwai Mass communication research center, Delhi

6) Netaji Subhash Open University,Kolkata

7) Tolani college of Arts & Science, Gujarath

8) The Indian Institute of Digital Arts and Animation, Kolkata

9) Centre for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT) , Delhi

10) New York Film Academy, Noida

11) National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Who are some of the best Photographers in India?

Below mentioned are some of the legendary photographers in India.


Which are the top 10 photography design studios in India?

A career after formal training and the desire to be a part of the best studios or brand does carry you a long way forward. Here are some of the 10 photo studios you should aspire to be associated with :-


Top Design studios in India

  • Lopez Design
  • Trip
  • Desmania
  • Design Stack
  • Inhead
  • Chaos design
  • Teqzo consulting
  • Slang busters
  • Pixians
  • Motiff Media
  • Invent India
  • Studio Clockwork
  • Criador Labs
  • Paul Studio
  • Future factory

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