MAD School is a leading NATA centre in Cochin, Kerala. Skilled and experienced teachers cover entrance exams like NATA, JEE, NIFT, NID, CEED, and more. We seek to provide an interesting and encouraging environment for design education. We challenge conventional concepts, processes, and solutions to meet the needs, which leads to us the top NATA entrance institution in Cochin.

MAD School was established in 2012 in Hyderabad. MAD School is a renowned school for NATA exam Coaching in Kerala. We allow our NATA aspirants to explore their goals and their academic potential by upskilling them in multiple skills.

 At MAD School, we have served thousands of students by offering them the best NATA Coaching centre in Cochin to enable them to get admissions into the country’s best Architecture Colleges. We provide training in drawing, sketching, observation, visualisation and more that are necessary for the NATA Entrance Exam.

Why MAD School is the best option for NATA coaching in Cochin

Artists, architects, and designers all have the same requirements: they all need to be skilled and talented. There is a necessity for those in the design industry to have experience with software related to design and to have a basic understanding of the jargon and standards. Having a grasp of the skills necessary to be job-ready is a must for the students to succeed. MAD school ensures the students learn the skills they will remember and use for the rest of their lives. MAD School is one of the best centres for best NATA coaching in Kerala. We create a benchmark as a top training Institute in Kerala with incredible results.

Why learning at MAD School helps students crack the NATA entrance exam

MAD School has excellent teachers and coaches that maintain a standard. The students get to improve their design skills no matter which design career they choose. We provide learning opportunities in the design path that students choose. Students will be able to interact with and get guidance from exceptional faculty members. The experienced faculty can provide industry insights. They can help the students by finding new and dynamic ways to engage through art, lectures, assignments, engaging activities, plans, and research. These engaging learning techniques will help all the students at our NATA Coaching Centre to explore all the possibilities for learning purposes and develop skills required to build your career architecture field.

What makes MAD School the best NATA Coaching Centre

The recent opening of Nata Coaching in Cochin is indeed a step towards promoting art and architecture as it provides quality art classes at the basic levels. This is one of the best art school to be set up at Cochin. A group of talented and experienced art students from all over India can come together to benefit from the incredible teachers, share their ideas and gain much-needed exposure at the famous Cochin College of Art. The school has received a fantastic response from the students who were keen to learn more and make a career in India’s art scene. We ensure excellent training for the NATA entrance exam with the right Study Materials and personalised counselling to our students to help them achieve their dream. As a NATA Coaching in Cochin, MAD School has provided quality mentoring and services to the aspiring students for years.

The teachers also create a supportive environment that helps students remain motivated. The students can learn better in a positive and encouraging attitude from the teachers. The teachers also allow students to grow individually and hone their skills. They are encouraged to pursue their passion and create their own style of art.

How MAD School Coaching Classes Help Students

In this Nata Coaching in Cochin, the students are taught to draw, paint, and sculpt and be instructed to communicate effectively so that their message is conveyed to the audience. Moreover, the students are taught the art of literature, music, dance, film and television. Apart from this, they learn to plan an effective campaign to promote art and architecture in their region and also learn how to become an artist in the long run. With these skills, they will certainly help their community grow.

This innovative art class was planned by an incredible team comprising the director, the teacher and the architect. The school is equipped with modern art equipment and modern machines. The Nata school is located near the slum areas in the city. The atmosphere during the art class is very pleasant and provides a homely feel to the students.

How The Environment At MAD School Helps NATA Aspirants

To receive training in any discipline like Art, Architecture or Design, the students of the NATA Coaching in Cochin Kerala must be of good academic performance and have a sound knowledge about their subjects. The school is equipped with well qualified and experienced faculty to give its students the required training. Students belonging to a different part of the world are applying for these programs, which include: Masters and PhD. The students are free to pursue what they like in the future, so all the options are made available to them. The coaching classes at MAD School help students in Cochin get into the best schools and colleges in India.

The MAD School NATA Coaching in Cochin Kerala also helps students improve their communication skills. The art classes instil in the students a strong desire for self-development. In addition to this, it invests in them a sense of commitment towards achieving their goals. NATA Coaching in Cochin will surely motivate the students towards a career in art and design.

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