India’s own size chart for clothes, survey conducted by NIFT

Alas:  India free from One Size fits all….

March 1st was any other day for me till one of the headlines had caught attention…

The need for inclusive growth has truly caught notice of the Indian fashion Industry. The reality of having an Indian Size Chart has been brought to realization by NIFT, one of the premiere Design Institute of Fashion today. The one of a kind massive survey in India would include 25,000 male and female Indians in 6 cities in 6 regions of the country at a cost of 30,000 crore. Time line indicated to complete the survey has been fixed at 3 years.

“Better Late than Never” can be rightly said towards this effort. As we move into times characterized by unprecedented retail growth, this need is becoming more and more acute. Sizing issues though are not just limited to apparel and fashion .The absence of size charts results in a skew everywhere.  For instance neither does a small-sized Indian woman and a small sized Russian look similar, nor can they wear the same sized garments.Similarly a large sized man from Punjab and a large sized man from UK won’t fit into the same size shirt.  The many body shapes of women include Apple, Hourglass, Vase, Lollipop, Goblet, & Pear. As the masses like me start frequenting the mall for our clothing requirements, we become aware of the fit or the lack of it that the various brands offer. Fit has been one of the major criteria that determine the purchase decisions for clothing and thus could make or mar brands popularity. The Anthropometric built of people in different geographical regions are different citing this uniqueness only to India given her vast terrain and size of population. Given the novelty of mall culture in India the consumers have realized this sensitive issue and have become frustrated by the lack of it. The result, returns due to poor garment fit which results the exchequers cost millions in losses. The Indian apparel Industry uses charts which are the tweaked versions of size charts of other countries offering the consumers with limited sizes like Small, Medium, Large & Extra large. A further revelation for customization indicate the acceptance of an informed affordable Indian population with b purchase indices that cannot be taken for granted in the future








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