Ok, you have decided to become a Game Designer…

Do you have what it takes to be a Game Designer?

Have you understood your role in the virtual ecosystem?

If yes, honestly answer the below mentioned questions. If your score reflects more than 50%, this is what you are looking @

  • # Are you a team player
  • # Do you have Leadership skills
  • # Do you accept criticism
  • # Are you a good communicator: Verbally and on paper
  • # Are you Imaginative & creative
  • # Do you possess good written and verbal communication skills
  • # Do you have good visual designing & Drawing skills
  • # Are you aware of the latest gaming platforms and technologies
  • # Have any programming skills: @ scripting level (basic)
  • # Are you a good story teller
  • # Any narrative development skills
  • # Do you have in you strategic & systematic thinking skills


You guys device what a game consist of and how it plays. You plan and define all the elements in a game like setting, characters, the objects, rules, structures, props, vehicles, story flow, interface design & modes of play. Once you device the game, you communicate to the rest of your team who will help you create the art assets and computer code that allow game to be played.  The game designer in this case YOU, would come up with premise for games.  Working within budget and time scale & creating a good game using certain elements that had already been pre-defined is one of the qualities of a Designer.

You can be employed by development studios, both Publisher– owned or independent. The process is shared between a number of different people, and overseen by a lead designer.

A game designer also should have a deep understanding of the capabilities and benefits of different hardware platforms, like Mobile, PC, Console, should be familiar with software technologies and technique appropriate to each platform. Adjustments to the original specifications are made by you to respond to technical constraints in order to incorporate new programming & art, developed by your team members. QA testers are hired to play the game, in understanding the expectation of a finished product. A final concept document is put together by you post initial research towards convincing your team members towards the worthiness in taking the game forward.



The portrayal of movement & Behaviour is the responsibility of Animators in the gaming industry. This is applied to give life to game characters and creatures. Animations are also applied to elements such as objects, scenery, vegetation, & environmental effects. Animators also work closely along with programmers to create the best balance between smooth seamless & optimized performance on the target platform


The role includes bringing out the game with sketches & paintings of Characters, levels, vehicles, & other elements in a game. 


These people ensure the look and feel of what design team had envisioned. They are given the sections or levels of the game, creating the environment that the player will interact with


Give the skin to levels & characters. Texture artists ensure that the same is mapped onto the three-d objects and backgrounds in a convincing and seamless way



This can depend on several factors. The location of studio, the size of the company , the platforms you are developing for, are you an individual contributor role or leadership role , are you a fresher or experienced …

Game designers salary starts in India with Rs 25000-30,000/ month with increase expected with succession based on the project and upon successful completion of the project. A game designer salary starts in USA with USD 50,000 annually for entry level position. Like most jobs game salaries are not insulated with the same increase expected with years of experience and the job title.

Game development is a team sport, and great ideas are a dime a dozen, and the key towards a better remuneration and succession depends on how well your team develops a fun game as a part of a team.



There are different types of gaming such as PC Gaming, Console Gaming & Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry is no longer a niche arena for a certain age group or consumer. The revenues generated in US market alone consist of 9.5 billion in 2007 & 11.7 billion in 2008, 25.1 billion in 2010. With more than 50 percent growth in this industry it is definitely poised to become one of the lead employment generator in the future.


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