It consist of the many voices

Hmmm. Cross roads it is…… Parents, well wishers, Teachers on one side, myself on the other. You might guess what the situation might be… Well it’s no tug of war or any form of physical exerts. The time has come in initiating the most important decision of my life. My CAREER……

Objective: A novel Attempt

This situation rattle the minds of any a student under the given circumstances. The article has been a sincere attempt to help remember the importance of placing “Self ” at the centre while choosing a function of study. The article further discusses in understanding your true nature and embraces the concept of happiness and accepting full responsibility of your choice.

What am I Doing?

Well, there is a difference between making your life beautiful and proving something to someone. The fact is every human being has enough intelligence to survive in this world, but not like somebody else, but in his own way. But if you are doing something you care for, if you are doing something if you have a natural liking then the scale does not matter as long as you are happy. Suppose, imagine doing something for which you do not possess a natural ability and you seem to carry it because of your social orientation. Have you realized a sense of frustration about the activity you are part of .It continues because you invested 5 years or 10 years in the education and you are not in a position to go back. The end result you keep cursing yourself. Do you think it is necessary to orient to the society? Now on the other hand society every 10 years has a tendency to shift the idea on education. There are too many doctors and nobody wants them anywhere. With software as another option has seen an effect of descend for political and economic reasons

A traditional career decision process consists of these points

  1. Herd Mentality
  2. Percentage Grading
  3. Social status
  4. Parental & Peer pressure

Breakdown to Breakthrough

We know survival is important especially with a democracy like ours. But don’t you think it would be better if you could offer a 50% chance to your children in doing what they like. An ideal way for students and parents alike would be to adopt a more scientific process consisting of Aptitude, Interest and personality considering self as a centre towards a right choice. Maybe, it could lead to a better option and would create opportunities towards a harmonious life. We know for sure that those discussed are hard to imagine and execute as the same is subjected to situations.





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