National Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the national entrance exams given by lakhs of fashion designer aspirants every year. NIFT-2021 will be held in the third week of January 2021. After qualifying the written test, students have to pass the Creative Ability Test (CAT), GAT (General Ability Test), Group Discussions and Personal Interview Round. By clearing this exam, students can join B.Des, B.FT, M.FT, M.Des, M.FM etc. programmes.

Since the entire world is still fighting with the pandemic, many students are finding it hard to opt for offline NIFT coaching classes and tuitions. NIFT exam needs guidance and coaching since the questions asked in the exam are not part of the academic curriculum followed in many schools and colleges. Everyone is trying to adapt to the new normal. A paradigm shift is seen in the methodology of teaching. Now, one can sign up for NIFT Online Coaching classes. Many top institutes which had earlier offered offline classes have now switched to the new way of teaching.

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Students are given access to vast resource and study material which we bet they can’t find anywhere else. We also provide solutions along with a detailed explanation to the old sample papers and previous year question papers. Regular mock tests are conducted to help the students get familiar with the exam pattern. It will also help the students to know where they are lacking and also manage their time well. Our teachers examine the test performance of the students and help them to correct their mistakes.

Apart from our teachers, it is our students who have made us proud every year. We are happy to say that over the past five years, we have given a 100% pass percentage in every single year. Every student who has joined our institute has passed out with flying ours.

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For any aspiring architect, clearing The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is the first step towards their goal. This national level entrance exam is conducted to offer admissions into the course of Bachelor of Architecture. The test evaluates the drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability that are specific to the field of Architecture. The exam is conducted twice a year. Students are allowed to attempt the test both the times. Another national level exam conducted for aspirants of architecture is the JEE PAPER 2. Presently, many prestigious institutions are accepting both NATA and JEE scores for admissions. The NATA score is valid for one year.

With the pandemic around, the students have been immensely impacted as they cannot take offline NATA coaching classes and tuitions. NATA is an examination which needs regular teaching, guidance and support from the mentors. But now, Nata Online Classes are being offered by many top institutes to make sure that the students stay connected, focused and dedicated to their dream. Manorama Art and Design School, the MAD School, one of the top design coaching institutes in Hyderabad, is now offering Nata Online Coaching


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Moreover, many online mock tests are conducted for the students. Each exam tests both knowledge and time management of a student. Regular mock tests ensure that the students are well prepared and aware of how to manage their time during the real exam. Teachers analyze the performance of the student and guide them to overcome their mistakes.

Usually, it is ‘Actions speak louder than words’. But at MAD School, it is the results which speak louder. Time and again, the outstanding performance of our students has made us proud. From the past five years, we have achieved a 100% passing rate every single year. Every student who has joined this institute has made it to the best institutions in the country. We can surely say that the lessons you will learn at MAD School will be with you for the rest of your life.

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New Delhi (16th Dec 2020)

Union Information Minister and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar on Wednesday announced
the GOI will set up Centre of Excellence in cooperation with IIT –Bombay which will offer courses in
AVGC .This he asserted pointing out that the Visual effects, gaming and Comics is a sunrise sector.
He quoted as saying: “We are a country where the growth of communication technology is
phenomenal. This presents a tremendous scope for the entertainment and Media Industry.
Javedkar said
Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics (AVGC) is a sunrise sector and our experts are providing back
end support to top film makers of the world. It was time that these professionals started doing more
of this for our own films so that the use of animation and graphics in Indian films grows main folds,
he added.

(Source: Economic Times )


JEE-2 (Joint Entrance Exam paper -2  Architecture)


The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) 2020 has been set up by the Ministry of Education (MHRD) to manage and regulate the joint seat allocation for admissions to 111 institutes

This includes 23 IITs, 31 NITs, IIEST  Shibpur,  26 IIITs and 30 Other-Government Funded Technical Institutes . Admission to all the academic programs offered by these Institutes will be made through a single platform.

JOSAA conducts 7 rounds of counselling process. However in the wake of pandemic crises Central seat allocation Board (CSAB) has decided to relax the thresh hold criteria towards securing admission with NIT & other CFTi s for this year.


All eligible candidates will have to register before the final date to participate in JoSAA 2020.

  • JoSAA registration: October 6th 2020
  • First seat Mock Allocation: October 12th 2020
  • Last date of registration & choice filling of JoSAA counselling: 15th October 2020
  • Reconciliation of data/Verification/Validation of allocated seat : 16th October 2020
  • 1st round of Seat Allocation : 17th October 2020
  • Online reporting of round 1 : 17th – 19th October 2020
  • Display of vacant seat in 1st round & 2nd round of seat allocation : 21st October 2020
  • Online reporting of Round 2 : 22nd October – 23rd October
  • Online reporting for Round 3 : 27th October – 28th October
  • Online reporting of Round 4 : 31st October – 1st November
  • Online reporting of Round 5 : 4th November-5th November

What are the steps for JoSAA registration & Choice filling?

The first step is the Registration Process:-

  • Go to Official web site of JoSAA ( )
  • Click on the Registration link
  • You will have to use your JEE Roll Number & Password to REGISTER
  • Upon registering your details such as Nationality, state code of eligibility, gender will be displayed on the screen. You duty shall be to review the same and confirm it
  • Except for your contact no other modification is accepted in this stage

The Second Step is the Choice Filling:-

  • This stage includes filling your choice of courses ( B. Arch) & Colleges from the available list
  • The selection of course and colleges should be done in order of your preference
  • The courses shall be eligible according to your qualification ( JEE Main / Advanced ) which shall be listed in the online mode

Third Step is the Choice Locking:-

  • This stage includes locking your selected choices
  • No changes will be accepted by the authorities once you lock your choices

Once the seats are allotted to the candidates according to their Merit (JEE) score, Category Preferences, and availability of seat the candidate shall have 3 options such as Floating, Freezing, or Sliding before he/ she makes the seat acceptance payment of Rs 35000. 

  • Floating means to accept the allotted seat but are also open to up gradation & admission to higher preferred institutes
  • Freezing means to confirm on their allotted seat and wish not to participate further in the seat allotment process
  • Sliding means to confirm your allotment but will be open for admission to higher preferred courses in the same institute

What are the types of JoSAA 2020 Rank List?

  • Category includes: –
  • Common Merit Rank
  • Common Rank ( PWd)
  • OBC-ncl
  • SC- SC Pwd

How do you convert your JEE Percentile into Rank?

You need the following figures for the same

Your NTA Score, Total number of students who have appeared in the exam, percentage of students equal or below to your marks, percentage of students above your marks, Number of students above your Marks


NTA Score – p

Total number of students – N

% of students below or Equal to your marks – P

% of students above your marks – 100-P

Number of students above your Mark – (100-p)/100*N

Formula is: (100-P)/100*) N+1

I am not disclosing the previous year’s opening and closing rank as the Government has relaxed the criterion for various NIT and CFTIs in the wake of COVID 19

List of Top Architecture Colleges in India accepting JEE2

  • Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology- Bhopal
  • National Institute of Technology- Calicut
  • National Institute of Technology- Hamirpur
  • Malaviya National Institute of Technology- Jaipur
  • Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology- Nagpur
  • National Institute of Technology- Patna
  • National Institute of Technology- Raipur
  • National Institute of Technology- Rourkela
  • National Institute of Technology- Tiruchirappalli
  • BITS , Mesra- Ranchi
  • School of Planning & Architecture- Bhopal
  • School of Planning & Architecture- New Delhi
  • Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University- Jammu & Kashmir
  • School of Planning & Architecture- Vijayawada
  • Chandigarh college of Architecture-Chandigarh
  • SRM University-Chennai
  • Punjab Technical University- Patna
  • PM College of Engineering- Sonepat
  • Himgiri Zee University- Dehradun
  • Gitam Institute of Technology- Vishakapatnam
  • Deenbandhu Chottu Ram University- Sonepat
  • Dehradun Institute of Technology- Dehradun
  • ICL Institute of Architecture- Ambala
  • Faculty of Technology and Engineering- Vadodra
  • MGMs Jawaharlal Nehru Engg. College- Aurangabad
  • Jamai Milia Islamia University, New Delhi.

Chandigarh College of architecture



Human beings are free to act, and ones deed done nothing can stop the parleys of its consequences… Even God here cannot help. That’s the power of Karma, so says Mahabharata. This is our 21st century is relevant to the choices that we have related to the choices we make.

This article shall incite on choices and the freedom, responsibility, and consequences that tag us from cradle to grave. My point to start initiates from choices that society wields in the future generation of our country making the human being redundant in carving out their success.

INDIA- A Diverse Pasture

Let’s look at a country like India. A country with rich diversified demographics, culture, and one of the biggest populations in the Asian subcontinent is currently facing one of the highest unemployment rates compared to the last 20 years. The report also says that we have Unemployment as one of the new problems. India has more than 700 universities with 40,000 affiliated colleges enrolling more than 20 million students every year. Why a developing economy to the world and the third largest education system has not been able to meet its objective of providing a means of decent living and better life. I have over the years have come across several reasons in both magazines of national dailies and articles citing external reasons such as inadequate govt support, poor quality of teaching, Qualified teachers, voucher systems, inadequate pedagogic attention, weak infrastructure, and the list goes on. The recent reports reveal that India does allocate only 3.4-4 % of its budget towards education whereas the world average is 14%. What does this mean as education is the backbone of any developing nation?

Ancient Indian Education

What happened to India which had possessed a rich tradition of learning and education right from the beginning of time? This reminds me of the Katha Upanishad which says: He, who is possessed of supreme knowledge by the concentration of mind, must have his senses under control, like spirited steeds controlled by a charioteer. Ancient education in India was rooted in the Making of MAN and not just for survival alone. The system professed in theory and practice of training the mind and the process of thinking as bare essentials towards the acquisition and assimilation of knowledge. This method or system has thrown light on a unique angle on a sense of both perspective and proportion towards which the distinction of material and the moral, physical and spiritual, perishable and permanent interests and values of life are clearly defined and differentiated. This system had three simple processes. ShravanaManana, Nidhyasana. This simply means listening, initiate for self-interpretation & comprehension of truth. Such great were our education systems. Equally important were the temples of knowledge ones stood the center stage like Nalanda, Takshashila, Vikramshila, Vallabhi which had attracted people from all across the world. One of the most interesting aspects that are noticed here is the impact of forest and not the town that is the fountainhead of our civilization where we lived and realized over selves in close relations with mountains, forests, trees, and rivers.

The Reality

Much river has flown down the Ganges. India has lost much of its veneer in education with invading empires and armies such as Mughals, Britishers, Portuguese, and Arabs. Predominant left over is the British colonial system of education where the invading foreigners had extended hands to educate Indians for their purpose and benefit. Functions like manning and maintaining factories, establishing communication with local rulers and establishments, liaising with local people etc.The outcome of these deceitful extensions of help had resulted in accountants, engineers, lawyers, doctors which were only affordable for the higher classes of the society.

Marching Ahead ………

Well with the years went by this had caught the eye of the backward society drawing their eyes towards rich and affluent lifestyle. With much of the population belonging to middle and lower classes they soon discovered education as a solution for their upliftment from their current situation. This they felt would uproot both poverty and elevate their status.  It stands no doubt that many reformations in the education system have happened under the initiatives of various governments. These initiatives have given the majority of Indians the courage to Dream Big. With the upside, has the insidious subtle of downside. Are our rudders set in the right direction?

Education: The now and Future

The current system of education breeds on platforms of competition with examinations and assignments as tools towards capability assessment. The gauging factor of knowledge internalization depended on his scorecard. This rot system of learning has created a breakdown in the assimilation of “True Knowing”. Much of the same is felt with students gasping for survival in an alternative challenging situation. Responsibility in choosing one’s  interest would come to light when students at their young age are given a chance to reflect on what they imbibed during their formative years within their natural surroundings. After all, how good is Education if we are not able to find solutions to problems surrounding us?

Piggybacking: Our Colonial past

We in India still carry forward our colonial past as many of the parents find Subjects of Engineering a preferred choice of study or a career over many other disciplines. This has found deep synchronicity between education and status quo which has resulted and battered many an aspirant’s real choices of their innate potential. Would this muscling drive yield any productive results?

The Course Correction

Imparting of Education should be holistic for which should result in overall development in an Individual and should not be constrained towards learning a trade. Education should be a resultant of enlightenment/self-discovery of oneself with parents and schools donning the role of a catalyst for support. With world reeling under complex problems the relevance of MAN with diverse skills, the relevance has never been so prudent. 100 % of the success stories that we come across today had only happened on 2 facts of self-discovery and in chasing their dreams. A few mantras for success would be relevant here to complete my story which includes passion and conviction that shall help any individual come a full circle towards a happy self. My sense of responsibility towards my nation exerts further with a final prayer for all the parents in understanding the influential and infinite possibilities of entrepreneurship, artists, writers etc towards nation building. So, shall we get started….?



It’s raining since morning. With morning papers reporting a spike in virus from different parts of the world, the apprehension seems to be paving way for a long haul. Humanity has come a long way in tackling pandemic challenges which had pushed them towards breaking boundaries in space, land, and water. A few of the pandemics in history includes

  • Third cholera ( 1957 ) which spread from India to Asia,Europe and N. America
  • Asian Flu ( 1956-58 ) which started in China and killed roughly 1-4 million people
  • Typhus Epidemic (1918- 1922) due to the devastating effects of WW-1.
  • Cocoliztil, E-bola ( 1545-1578 )
  • Plague of Justinian
  • Antonine Plague
  • The Black death (14th Century ) ,
  • HIV , AIDS ( 1980)
  • Influenza ( 1918 )

No, this article is not about pandemics. The reference was merely a gesture towards indicating challenges that humanity had undergone and his struggle towards surviving and striving in overcoming those bubonic plagues days. With the spread of diseases identified in water, rodent etc. the“More-Safe” world we live in has been the Humanities capacity to reimagine Cities, Lifestyle, Transportation, Trade and Health & Hygiene. A memoire on happenings during the yesteryears pandemic had always reminded about disruptions and disasters across the world. Disruptions had always been a way of moving forward where it gives us that unique opportunity to reflect on over selves, actions and the consequences caused as a result of our own doing. The catharsis shakes the very crux of our patterned approach and helps us be more aware and thoughtful in what we do. Every pandemic has made man more intelligent persuading him to be more cautious and sustainable in his approach.

The current pandemic I personally see had been a resultant of Humanities sheer gastronomically desire curated from the markets of Wuhan in China. A result of un-demarcated consumption in unhygienic conditions. So much for “Man in the Making”

The current pandemic has been the worst hit as China, the origin of Covid 19, for two reasons. The one for its population and the other for its tag as “Worlds Factory “.


Fashion & Allied Industries

Let’s say 2020 was supposed to be a good year without covid in Fashion. With Europe and America barely recovering from the 2001 financial crises, order books of several Asia markets were swelled with orders. From fashion shows and calendar’s being marked for new launches, the year looked promising for many manufacturers, suppliers and countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, India, and Vietnam who depended on exports to these markets towards their economic growth. An example here can be the country Bangladesh. Bangladesh government depends on 85 % of its earnings on the export of ready-made garments. The pandemic had now cost them cancellation in one third orders from many of their clients including pre booked ones which had cost them losing one third in their earnings. Some of the other reasons can be a huge drop in consumer demand to the tune of 30%-50 %. The early shut down of the Chinese Market had a devastating effect on the Fashion Industry. Silk Scarfs that are made for Luxury brands In Italy comes in big bulk from China. With an oversupply of inventories, missed seasons and ships still arriving in different parts of Europe the trend is definitely towards the discount culture that is prevalent in USA.

How has the Fashion Industry adapted itself?

Adapting can be a more appropriate term as the Industry has realized the harsh reality that had hit them and slowly is evolving towards a more realistic approach. The most effected have been the premium brands across the world with their limited stores and digital footprint. The mass brands with their online arm which used to contribute a mere 8-10 percent of the total business are also seeing a reversal in their fortunes. With social distancing in place and with restriction of customers in their outlets, brands are now adopting and discovering in providing a whole new experience using technology such as Virtual reality, Dynamic web sites, augmented reality, content up gradation, Product detail, Webinars& Live interactions, digital fashion Etc. The use of technology such as AI & DATA has also been infused in all their communication towards enhanced customer understanding and forecasting. Logistics has also been realigned through many Brands listing themselves with shopping aggregators such as Amazon, Flip kart in doorstep delivery of their products and services. Another interesting change is the new product line that they have introduced in the form of face masks, protective gears and sanitizers that carry their trademark, style &scents. Sportswear and casual Home wear are the current trends. The demand for casual and Lounge wear in UK jumped 433%. With Conscious shopping steadily gaining traction the consumer would still limit one’s cart with bare essentials. This is due to an overall economic downturn along with the decreasing number of purchase occasions. With gradual restrictions and resumptions of social activities across the countries, we are seeing a slow trajectory pointed upwards in the coming days.

For more details call us +91 9959750006


More often than not, we tend to realize we are meant to be designers who bring out the creativity in the world through our designs which communicate more than words do. If you have not realized yet whether you can make it as a good designer or not, these design traits can be of good help.


You love everything and you see the design in everything around.

You could be scrolling down through your Instagram feed and stop and wonder, what font this account has used and how you could have made it look better by adding something different, a different font or a different colour maybe.

The designer in you knows you are surrounded by design all the time, you can’t shake out the thought from your mind about ideas and solutions to everything you see around and experience.


You care about tiny details as a designer. You are not just detail-oriented, identifying the details matter too. Because you believe in giving people the best experiences they desire, and you pay attention to every single detail.


You are perceptive and solving problems is an everyday responsibility you are willing to take cause that’s what a designer does. You can see outside the design and provide solutions to real problems. As a designer, you are able to think logistically and critically to make things work and look dazzling. You care about solving problems because a great designer is compassionate and looks at the needs of the people. You go overboard with problem-solving.


You don’t go by books. You fill in your own blanks and stand tall at the idea of raising beyond “good enough” and always move towards building your own status Quo.

Good designers often innovate and make things better around them.


Good designers are known for their designs. You are a good communicator or willing to learn eventually. You can communicate the ideas and concepts through designs wells. You can work as a team in a collaborative environment with other employees.

If you cannot put your ideas and information through a visual medium, it can be learned and improved just like any other skill.


You probably know a few designers who spend most of your time just picking the right font, the right layout or hue of red, for your design work.

We are aware of a few scenarios where designers skip their meals straight for 2 days. No, this is not an exaggeration. This is real.

This shows that a designer is extremely focused and determined to bring out the best in designs that he loses his track of time.

On the other hand, productive designers are able to manage time and only focus on the details that matter and solve the problems quickly. A good designer is purposeful in her work and she always results-driven no matter what hurdles come by.

If you have trouble taking control of your time, you can improve it.


You already know it.

“Creative” is the most popular word you hear in the design world.

Needless to say, a good designer is creative as hell with whatever idea or concept you give. As a person with good creative skills, you are resourceful, look at things in ways more than one. As a creative person, you constantly seek ways to add a bit more creativity to anything you design.


Sometimes, design work can take forever – you don’t get sulky to finish the design quickly in haste. You would rather introduce patience in your work and let things dive in slowly to work on communication and try out creative alternatives before finalizing the design.


Although too much design and creativity is involved, it is never to forget that design is a beautiful business that keeps our eyes and visual senses at awe.


As a designer, you may witness ups and downs in your professional career. You understand that evolution is the key to keep it going. As a good designer, you are open to growing and seeking new inspiration in any possible way you know can help you the best. You try out new technology, share ideas through design with a wider creative community and never leave your seat as a teacher.

You are a business-savvy because while you are in a designer mode, you understand your preferences and opinions come second to the client’s business goals. It is easy for you to make decisions that are good for your users and their business, although you desperately have a few improvements with design and colours.


We could possibly mention all the great tyrait of designers – your passion and the will to design something new each day is what makes every other trait of a designer stand out.

If you are not a designer yet, you may see some of the signs pushing you towards your design career path, let that feeling stick and decide if you have to take this moment towards choosing a design career path.

These are the ones that stand out in our minds, and the qualities we have observed over the time in our designers and our MAD School students who have successfully grown as designers from various design reputed colleges in India. While these 10 signs of a good designer alone may not be the secret traits, we believe anyone who is passionate and a great problem solver can grow as a designer in any design industry they choose to work for.

If you would like to enhance your already great design skills, check us out for NID Coaching, CEED Coaching Centre, UCEED Coaching Classes near you to bring out the designer in you and kickstart your career as a designer in the best design college you want to join.



We live in the age, surrounded by Design and yet not feel the impact of “Design” that surrounds us. From our personal hand held devices, human mobility, spaces that we occupy & interact, communication methods do have that invisible wand of design element integrated towards for a better experience, convenience and comfort. The article intends to throw light on this emerging discipline that has helped many firms’ success and fortunes.


Design for most of us has a different connotation or an understanding. Association of design for some would be limited to Art, Craft or simply a discipline that confines to aesthetic appeal. I have been over the years trying to de-cluster and help aspirants to understand this discipline in a more simplified manner. Design according to me simply means “Reimagining Possibilities” of form, function, ergonomics, affordability, Manufacturing and Usability.

To understand the importance of Design we would need to ponder the yester years of industrial revolution. What was once associated with function has evolved into a stage of a differentiator and is now becoming a part of our culture. Design has been the need of the Hour with raising expectations, elevated demands, unique experiences, user friendliness/usability along with affordability and mass manufacturing potential. The success of fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, DELL, and Apple does owe their success to Design as a culture practiced at every step of their way. The success of these companies did have an inherent DNA towards a Human centric approach relevant to all their product design and development. One of the most successful stories of this century owes to the invention of Apple computers and its relative success with their product lines and extensions which include Iphone & Ipads.Such has been the power of design which has manifested itself as a differentiator in side stepping competition and as a Unique selling proposition. Design intervention or as a disruptor is now a culture in every step of product development and design. The process changes the way we see and look at things deriving the optimum usage and user friendliness at each of the development stages. Walkman, Mobile phones, cameras, audio –video equipment are some of the examples. Design has also paved the way towards exploring the potential that rests within the higher cognitive skills towards understanding the customer needs and requirements better. From conception of an idea towards execution design has been instrumental in touch basing on several important factors such as sustainability, eco friendliness, universality that tends to go with the current cyclical economy.


The application of design is seen across all sectors which include Media and entertainment, financial sector, Mobility and transportation, Education, Telecommunications, Agriculture & allied industries, and ITES& IT etc. The process tends to elevate the overall experience for the customer. Some of the highlighting factors of this century being convenience, comfort and value for money. One of the most applications in design can be visible in the form of applications as aggregators. These include Ola, Zomato, and Uber etc. Besides causing disruption the applications have created a new customer segment and have helped in creating jobs. The current trend in design is led by technology in the areas of new media, IT & ITES. Design is no more a discipline in silos but has successfully married or has been integrated with Technology and allied manufacturing verticals.


There are several colleges which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees/ diploma in Design education. The objective of the design education is not limited to carry out a function but towards creating thought leaders in the industry. Some of the big names in Design coaching include Parsons, Isituto Maringoni , Royal college of Art, University of Arts , London, Rhode island school of design , MIT, Aalto university, Glasgow school of Art, Pratt Institute, Sheridan college etc. These colleges offer both UG/Master programs in a variety of disciplines in design and art with paid internships and work opportunities. Get more details at our Design Preparatory School.


India in the last 10 years have opened up more than 100 design colleges which offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in design. NID/NIFT/ IIT being the prominent design schools offers a full-fledged design program ranging from general designs to specializations which covers the full spectrum in design Space. Securing admissions for these colleges entitles one towards clearing a set of examinations that are conducted by these Institutions. There are currently 50,000 students graduating in Design from these 100 colleges. An average pay package is in the range of 4.5-9 lakh For more details on the examination and eligibility do visit our web site .


Design discipline defies the pedagogic normalcy that is associated in the current form of learning. Design is all about doing. Getting your hands wet and dirty. Design is all about stretching your imagination and making things that reflect usability in a human being. Some of the norms associated with design include thinking out of the box, identifying problems, reimagining things. Yes, these levels of cognitive skills defy the current standards of the rot learning system that of mugging up and vomiting without having a chance to reflect upon what is being consumed in a real practical sense. Design education in its core DNA does at every stage balances this act in a graceful manner. Besides the fun factor, design is also an instrument of socialism. Its deep rootedness in creating things that have desirable impact in human beings does take factors of social cause into consideration. The significant contribution of NID in India’s design problems can be initiated as an example. The early kerosene stove during the fuel crises, the LPG gas burner for the masses, affordable tractor, Bicycle as a mass transportation solution, India’s first oxyginarator that was developed in supporting open heart surgery are some of the indigenous developments by this institute of national eminence.


Choosing design as your career should not be led only on commercial rewards. Several factors come into play while choosing this sector. This section is based on some of my experience that I had in interacting with aspirants. Some of the common traits that I have seen are:-

  • They have an opinion on everything ( self-opinionated )
  • They are constructive criticizers
  • Are obsessed over colours and fabrics while buying clothes and furniture’s
  • Becomes infatuated with paintings & photographs
  • They don’t talk. They do. A raw itch to get their hands dirty and create something new. More hands on.
  • Their hobbies extend beyond painting. It generally includes Outdoor sport, reading, listening to music, playing
  • instruments, art & theatre etc.
  • They see drawing , sketching as a hobby/ as a part of relaxation / one’s own self expression
  • They tend to express in Emotional terms/ emotional creatures
  • They are hell bound on establishing their individual identity/ signature in the society
  • They have a habit of tinkering with objects
  • Playing with toys/ creating are some of the traits
  • They can’t stand subjects that don’t interest them and easily get distracted. The result/ residue can be seen in school students behind their textbooks as doodles or small drawings.

So, if you have any of the above traits do email us: to know more.


Design never retires. It always evolves and manifests in different forms. Human desire, needs, convenience, comfort are the catalyst which fuels the fire of design. The earliest form of design was the product which has paved way for several sub disciplines and contemporary disciplines. Some of the prominent disciplines include Fashion, Animation, and Transport & Automobiles etc. There are currently 1.2 billion people currently dependent on this profession world-wide. The requirement in India in the next 5 years is for 3 lakhs. VR, AR, MR would be the new realities in the coming future.

But I still keep figuring how much creativity is the Mind capable of???

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As a NATA Coaching Institute, we have seen a lot of students come and go with great aspirations to become an architect. Assuming listing a few reasons why Architecture is a good career would help a lot of them who are going through career scares in their career decision period. Apart from these 12 reasons, there can be more reasons why Architecture is a good career choice. We would also like to believe everyone has their own reason for choosing architecture as their career.

1. Become your own Boss

You can be your own boss while being the service provider as a freelancer or build your own empire to take up contracts for architecture services.

2. Building Creative Niche

Being creative takes a lot of alone space and energy. For you to recharge your energy, you will need creative people who understand your profession and the difficulties it comes with. You will find creative people around to help you grow through that space and add fuel to your passion that is a profession now.

3. More passion involved and less monotony

Taking this profession only makes it more interesting and passion-driven. People who become architects out of interest seem to grow well in this career compared to the one you see it as a high-income career. With more projects falling in your lap, it starts looking like a lifestyle and less like a job.

4. Artistic freedom of personal expression

As an architect, you will be given certain projects parameters that help you guide the direction of your architectural projects. You are then allowed to use the project parameters as you want and build your architectural design with your artistic skills with a tinge of your personal style.

5. Many career specializations

Unlike other professions, you will graduate with an architecture degree which gives you the freedom to build creative things you and I live in. You can move from working with big to small firms, changing from designer, project architect, or management. You get to work from building types from different market sectors like residential, civil, hospitality, retail, etc and you will still be an architect the city wants.

6. Your hard work takes shape

Once you graduate with an architecture degree, your work as architecture takes a physical shape that bestows appreciation, improves livelihood and income. Not all the careers help you showcase their hard work like architecture career does.

7. Your results are tangible

As silly as it may sound, your work will show as blocks of beauty which is tangible. Anyone who has ever seen the building they had worked for almost has a euphoric experience with a tinge of happiness involved.

8. A sense of ownership

No matter who many projects you take up, giving your best into the things you build helps you land on the safe ground, leaving you satisfied and making you feel like you own every bit of it.

9. Great Income Potential

Needless to say, as an architect, you can earn a Six-Figure Income depending on the amazing skills you possess. However, during the start of the profession the salaries for young architects may be low for equivalent, with time there is a steady increase in the payment. What matters all along is to stay put in the shoes while you are still a young architect.

10. Job is Evolving

Architects are not considered artists but also a source to address building technology and programming. There are constant improvements in evolving construction methods and materials used for construction process as and when required by the profession and project requirements. This job also involves creating new design concepts that blend in for modern living.

11. The career will be blooming and forever

Architecture is the career of longevity. You can practice the profession for as long as you want. As the world in the race to constantly develop, there can be more intake of architects and an increase in design-oriented job roles. Once you start as an architect, you can wide range of career choices and bloom forever in building imprints for the future spaces.

12. The satisfaction of impacting people’s lives in a positive way

For an Architect, it is a rewarding career to develop personal relationships with the client, people who will choose to live in the blocks you build. By understanding that it is a fruitful business in the end, for both, the client and you, the end product is appreciated.

It has got all the perks

Unlike another career in the economy, architecture is one of the best career choices which has all the perks when it comes to creativity, artistic life, profession, job opportunities, income, entrepreneurship.

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