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An introduction to Interior Design, Career opportunities & Scope

Imagine the adrenaline rush that stimulates neurons of your Brain upon entering a space. The experience goes beyond the aesthetic appeal but reflects your innate authentic self, creating safety, liveable and comfort of the eco system that you are possibly in …… This could be a space build for living, for work, for entertainment, for Knowledge assimilation or towards discovering your inner self. How often do you have these experiences and how much of an observation have you put in to discover why these happen …..

Welcome to the world of Interior design …………………… A space that you possess……

Is this Carrier for me?

This is one of the biggest question for any a candidate while choosing a career. Hope the information that I bring you creates the relevant stuff that would help you in initiation decision further. I shall note the same in points for a better understanding and towards for a quick capture of  essence. The skill sets can be divided into hard and soft. Hard skill is what you undergo during your training program. One which requires to be informed explicitly is the soft skill mentioned below which a part is and parcel for success in this industry. Some of the soft skills required are mentioned below

  • This is for people who are passionate about Design , creativity and who has artistic skill
  • Should have excellent problem solving and cognitive skills & Eye for Detail.
  • Should be able to connect with people easily
  • Should possess excellent management & communication skills
  • Should have leadership skills with a keen ear to listen
  • Openness for learning and updating is a part of this job
  • Extensive travelling & meeting deadlines
  • Relationship building & Networking are an absolute necessity in this job

Would you like to know more about it?

The art of Organizing & Designing spaces is not new to us. This space has been gaining ground post Agriculture revolution since the time we started settling down. One of the most stunning observation according to be is the concept of having a lawn (Green grass) that occupied the front porches of Aristocracy during the medieval period. A few research, and I came to understand that that the same had been a symbol of Power, Nobility & Wealth. Much of river has flown down the Ganges with sense of aesthetics & organising adapting to different ecosystem that prevails century after century. Welcome to the 21st century where style, aesthetics, organising is a part or a reflection of a Universal appeal.





Some of the areas as an Interior Designer you can specialize in is :-

  • Residential : Houses, Flats & all domestic accommodation purposes
  • Work places : Factories, offices and any number of other settings
  • Commercial: Retail houses/shops, shopping malls, warehouses, Conference centres
  • Exhibition Designing: Museums, galleries & wide range of private and public settings
  • Leisure : Cinemas , Theatres & Gyms
  • Hospitality : Hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, night clubs
  • Education : Schools & Universities
  • Health care: Hospitals, Nursing & caring homes, private clinics


Off shoots specializations include

  • Product designer
  • Accessories designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Metal works designer


Life & Prospects in Interior Designing

One of the realities you need to understand is that Interior designing does omit a structured path or a clear promotion based approach found in much other industry. One of the reasons is due to diverse nature of this industry, liking for self-employment and its fit in the creative vertical. Making your own career is the been the norm in this industry. Becoming an interior designer is not easy because of the partially closed nature of the industry.

Life for newly starting interior designers is hard primarily for that fact of the time frame that requires building reputation & trusting in this industry. Your only guiding light during your formative years would be initiative, ambition, individual skill set & creativity. Life becomes more easy once you pass the formative years and established  with which career prospects rises from starting up your own firm , taking on different projects, hired by big architectural firm for big projects, the interior designer is in much demand to the boom in both infrastructure and urban planning.

Well, a large part of your life is spent in meeting with contractors, clients and suppliers with travel being your partner in companion. One of my starling discoveries in this industry is the % of time spend in each activity with 90% spend on networking, marketing, selling, developing the right contact, 7% spend on paper work and 3% on Design.

For those who are employed or seeking work there are good opportunities and perks in this industry. A typical pay package for an assistant designer starts from 25000/ per month. The increase and perks shall depend on the number of projects involved and the cumulative years of experience. An annual package for a senior interior designer starts from 8 lakhs -20 lakhs including perks, bonus and commission. Besides the remuneration this is one industry which is both fun and creative. One of the most striking factors is the absence of monotony, with each project needs and requirements different from client to client. The career is also rewarding because of the number of options which an interior designer can specialize in.


Bachelor in Design (Interior Design): JNAFAU

B.Des in JNAFAU is a four year full time degree program providing strong foundation towards interdisciplinary skills with emphasis towards both theoretical learning and practical implementation. The curriculum covers is up-to-date with covering the new world concerns like Universal design, Green Building design, Environmental control, furniture design, ergonomics & understanding of human phycology in interior spaces with full time semester internship offered in an interior designers office as project .

Eligibility: You can be from any academic/education background upon completion of 12th std

Selection process: Selection process involve candidate towards clearing the Entrance exam.

Number of Intake:  60 students

Mode of Exam: Off Line, paper based

Let’s discuss the Question paper

The question paper is of 200 marks with 3 hours of time duration.

  • Topics consist of G.K & Current affairs (20 marks )
  • Questions on General Art; (20 Marks)
  • Communication skills ( 50 Marks)
  • Scene description ( 15 marks )
  • Visual creative writing ( 10 Marks )
  • Questions on Imagination; Illustrative, Design & Analytical Ability (50 Marks)
  • Memory Drawing (30 Marks)
  • Colour Coordination ( 30 Marks)

Exam happens every year in the month of 2nd week of June and the merit list published during the end of June.

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