Balakrishna Doshi, the legendary architect was honoured with the Pritzker Award in Architecture, the Nobel equivalent for this field on Wednesday. He is the first person in India to be honoured with this award for his outstanding contribution towards the field of Architecture.

Mr Doshi, who hails from Pune, comes from a family of Furniture makers and relates his early architect inspiration to his grandfather’s house, upon which new levels were added for expansion  to accommodate his large joint family.

His Early Life 

His journey towards architecture takes life from the prestigious J. J. School of Architecture. From 1951-54 he had associated with Le Corbusier in Paris. Doshi returned to Ahmedabad to further supervise the projects of Le Corbusier. Mr Doshi has associated closely with Louis Kahn & Anant Raje towards the designing of IIM Campus and went on to start his own firm.


Mr Doshi says, his design philosophy is an extension of his Live and individuality. Doshi had said in his announcement that he owes the prize to his Guru, Le Corbusier. His teachings led Mr Doshi to question identity and compelled him to discover new regionally adopted contemporary expression for a sustainable holistic habitat. The inspiration for interlocking buildings (IIM) courts and galleries stems from the traditional maze like Indian cities and temples. I truly feel, the Prize do underscores the comparison with the valuable effort that Mr Doshi had demonstrated in the field of Architecture. Mr Doshi has been an instrumental force in shaping the discourse of architecture throughout India and internationally. One of his greatest ability had been to interpret &articulate along with transforming the same into built work. His down to earth approach and a sense imbibing of eastern culture had reflected in enhancing &reflecting the quality in all his structures of iconi repute. The internationally known research institute Vastu-Shilpa which Mr Doshi had established was instrumental in pioneering low cost housing and city planning. One of his noteworthy works to be considered is in the area of low income housing. His design mantra incorporates concept of sustainability in innovative ways.


  • 1. A fellow of Royal Institute of British Architects
  • 2. A fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects
  • 3. Been on the selection committee for Pritzker Price & Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts
  • 4. Padma shri ( Govt of India) 1976
  • 5. Honorary doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania
  • 6. France’s highest honour for arts the Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters’2011.
  • 7. 6th Aga Khan Award for Architecture for Aranya Community Housing


  • 1. 1979-80 Sangath, BV Doshi’s office, Ahmedabad
  • 2. 1972 Centre for Environment and Planning Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad
  • 3. 1962-74 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • 4. 1989 National Institute of Fashion Technology,[7] Delhi
  • 5. 1990 Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad
  • 6. Aranya Low Cost Housing, Indore
  • 7. IFFCO township, Kalol
  • 8. Sawai Gandharva, Pune
  • 9. Premabhai Hall, Ahmedabad
  • 10. Tagore Hall, Ahmedabad
  • 11. Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur
  • 12. Udayan the Condoville, Udita (HIG), Utsav (MIG) Utsarg (LIG) 2500 homes, Kolkata

Mr .Doshi will receive the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize on 16th May, in Canada in the Famous Aga khan Museum. He shall also be delivering a lecture commemorating the 40th anniversary  of the museum.






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