We stand at the cusp of a new era. The blurring line between Science fiction and science is fast becoming reality, as AI transforms the way we conduct war, justice, crime, jobs, education in our society. In no other century has any technology played a pivotal role in revolutionising or influencing our collective future. Artificial Intelligence or AI , is used in our daily life in one way or the other. We are managing it, using it , and responding to it every hour and every minute of the day. Things like AI chatbots, website chat plugs use in customer support/ sales support, Notification, Promotional Email, Personalised and contextual advertising, Auto- Scaling based on website and apps traffic, Intelligent robots, Drones are some of the related examples i can quote. AI has significantly reduced the time frame and have helped companies and business save time significantly through automating all routine jobs paving way  to focus in being valuable and productive. But what is AI ? Why has it become the most important conversation of our time. It is just a set of algorithms and technologies that is powering many tasks in everyday life. The applications are vast and many from using the face recognition , which is a deep learning techniques of AI, chatbots that converse with you in facebook and yahoo, or harnessing the deep learning of AI,to find a handbag matching the one in the photo you uploaded to its shopping site, used by Ali baba again can be magnified to the extend we use this technology called AI.

Let’s continue to enlighten ourselves the use of AI and its significant impact in our daily lives. AI for space exploration : June 4th, 1996 , in continuation to our research Earth’s magnetosphere , Ariane 5 rocket from european space agency roared into the sky with the scientific instruments build. Their smiles lasted just 37 seconds where the rocket exploded costing the exchequer hundred of millions of dollars. The explosion was a causa matter of a buggy software manipulating a number which was too large to fit into the 16 bits allocated for it, or another mishap on July 22nd 1962,after the flight control software was foiled by an incorrect punctuation mark. What we should learn from these examples is in the scientists parlance related to as Verification; simply meant that software fully satisfies all the expected requirements as more lives and resources are at stake. AI can help automate and improve the verification process . The AI can bly guarantee against crashes and unsafe operations through a complete general purpose operating system kernel called seL4.

Efficiently allocating resources across the globe at the speed of light and enabling affordable financing for everything from mortgages to start up companies has enabled the relevance of AI in the world of finance . Some of the progress in AI are likely to have an effect on the financial trading ( stock market buy/ sell decisions) . Verification of information plays a crucial role in Finance as one eg, being cited would be the American firm Knight Capital which had lost $440 million in 2012, in 45 minutes after deploying unverified trading software. The importance of what computer scientists called validation cites the eg of a flash crash. AI helps improve to better handle uncertainty.

                               Another sector AI has been deployed is in the Manufacturing. It holds great potential for improving manufacturing by controlling robots that enhance both efficiency and precision. Additive technologies like 3d printers make prototypes of anything from office buildings to devices smaller than salt grain .

Can you believe that car accidents world over took 1.2 millions lives in 2015 coupled with aircraft , train that killed thousands more. In USA which has one of the highest safety standards in the world motor vehicle accidents killed a staggering 35,000 people in the year 2017, seven times more that all industrial accidents combined .This can be paralleled with most crashes occurring due to Human Errors and have stemmed the belief of AI driven cars can eliminate 90 % of road deaths. Global Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk of the Teslar fame  envisions future of self driven cars will not only be safer but shall also earn money for the owners by competing with Uber and Lyft.

Imagine if AI could diagnose lung cancer using microscope images even better than Human pathologists. Imagine the help machine learning can render towards revealing relationship between genes, diseases , treatments and response, the concept of personalized can be revolutionized , makes farm animals healthier and enable more resilient crop we are looking at the very future of sustainability in food and agriculture.

I know for a fact that the very thinking of our court system produces lengthy delays, high costs and occasional injustice. What if i say AI can improve our legal and governance system. Tests have already been undertaken towards this.  Why is there a delay in convicting a person right after he murders someone? Needless to say that the legal history is filled with judgements biased by skin color, gender, Sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and other factors . AI/ Robot Judges could in principle ensure that for the first time in history everyone becomes truly equal under the law. A short and swift finalization on the cases can happen as Robots / AI do not have the concept of overlapping while produce judgements. This shall ensure swift and equal justice for all.

Imagine if war consists merely of machines fighting machines , then no human soldiers or civilians gets killed. Yes, the very possibility of thinking on such concepts has caught up many a countries fancy. Military unmanned drones are an example.

These are some of the thoughts which i wanted to share towards the applications that are ongoing with the invent of AI integrated to our system . I have also come across while writing this article that a face recognition AI application is on its test stages for better policing & security.

But all and above i leave a note for your judgement what if automated systems gets buggy, or don’t behave as we expected…….

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