A Harsh reality of our education system and its Implications

The 45 minutes  “Disconnect”

(The Harsh reality of our education system and its Implications)


“Give a man a fish. He eats it for a day, but teach him fishing and he will have it for a lifetime”.


 I am a parent to a 7-year-old son, and I’m quite apprehensive about the current system of education in the dawn of an accelerated age. My voice definitely carries the same anxiety that hundreds of parents have towards his or her ward’s future education.

This particular article has been inspired by my interaction with students. Here 45 minutes is being referred to the time frame for each period in school. The disconnect is referred to what they are taught in the class and the real time implications of it.


According to the World Economic forum on its Global Competitiveness Report, the 11 best school systems in the world were reported to be  Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore, Netherlands, Qatar, Ireland, Estonia, New Zealand, Barbados & Japan. Now, what makes these education systems so unique and different? Some of the reasons cited can be the government’s priority in offering better standards of education through allocation of more budgets every year, better public private partnerships, learning methodologies, cognitive and social skills, etc . One of the ways to end the disconnect from a root perspective is to build a joyful classroom. This includes well-being of the student, a sense of belongingness, providing students with choices which helps them to become independent learners. Proving students learning by justifying their answers , shall help students to think more critically and creatively. Well, though these are some of the more creatively recommended measures, the issue of disconnect is not yet addressed at large.








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